Christmas Ornament Countdown: 11 Days until Christmas

I have never, ever been as sick as I was on this trip or at least that is what I remember from May 2003. I some how contracted the norwalk virus while on our cruise in Alaska.  Our final port of call was Victoria.  Robby really tried to get me to go off the boat with him but I made it to the deck before I had to sit down so I was a no go.  But there was no reason for us both to be in the room so he set off for a bus tour of Victoria.  I made it down to the infirmary where I was given a bottle of gatorade and at least 1 shot.  Usually I do not like shots in my derriere by strangers but as sick as I was, I would have dropped my drawers for anyone!  Those are my memories of Victoria but Robby raved about all of the beautiful flowers that he saw.  Hopefully, I will get a turn someday to see more of Victoria.

Here is a short post from that day.

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