December 11, 2013

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Brain lab day for Miss Campbell!

  • My movie stars woke up ready for the day.  More than one child asked "are we filming today?"  I am afraid that this show business lifestyle has gone to Keaton's head. When she was walking out of her class tonight, her teacher called out "bye movie star."  And Keaton turned around knowing that it was her being talked to and waved as she said "bye bye."  
  • This morning was another early one since Campbell had to be at the nutrition center bright and early.  Robby took my car with all of the kids but Campbell and I took his car. He dropped off his crew at Grannymom's house.  And Campbell and I went to the Nutrition Center and when Robby passed by there on his way to work, he switched out our cars.  
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham all had school work to take with them to Grannymom's house (we have got to get a bit of school work done this month!)  They did that, played on Grandpa's ipad and had lots of fun.
  • Whitman spent his morning eating everything that he could.  I am not sure if he ate any crackers at Grannymom's house but he sure enjoyed some tonight.  Today he was starving and hardly spit up.  But yesterday all he did was spit up-Robby thinks that he might have been nervous about having to act.
  • My Campbell did as well as I could ever expect at the Nutrition Center.  Brain lab lasts forever and a day and she wiggled her way through it.  Actually, I was pretty sure they were going to ask if she could do it again for them.  One of the tasks during brain lab is for her to hit a buzzer each time she sees a flower on the screen-she was so interested in that buzzer that she hardly ever looked at the screen.  I started to worry if she has attention deficit disorder. 
  • Later in the day when she was doing the psych testing, the lady asked "when is it dark?"  Campbell said "8:00"  True, very true-in the summer time at least.  At one point the poor psych lady was asking Campbell questions and she was answering them...all while sitting under her desk!  
  • The whole visit took forever.  No one seemed to be in a hurry except for me!  They didn't understand that I had hours worth of laundry at home.  When we finally finished, we went to Grannymom's house and the kids had a snack and then we all headed home.
  • As soon as we made it home, the little ones went to bed and the big guys started on more school work.  I just asked for them to do 3 boxes-Graham started on subtraction which he gets but doesn't quite understand what numbers go where.  Reagan and Anderson did their spelling and english which I feel like we are behind on.  
  • After a bit of work, I let the kids watch a movie while I worked on that blasted laundry.  Aww, it wasn't really that bad-just yesterday's clothes.  Oh, yes that was when all 8 of us changed clothes 3+ times.  Ay, ay, ay!  I did finish most of it and had the kids help put it in their drawers. 
  • Soon it was supper time and time to work on everyone's hair for crazy hair night.  Robby had the clippers in his hand and was about to give the boys a mohawk like last year but then thought maybe we shouldn't do it since there is more commercial making tomorrow.  Not that no one would notice but we didn't want to see if they would.  Thankfully, we had hair chalk and they were given a good hair chalking.  Reagan did her hair as well and so did Campbell....
  • Of course all of that hair chalk meant showers tonight when we made it home from church.  It was nearly 9 when the kids finally made it to bed after showers, ice cream truck night and pulling our Santa count down.  They were some pretty tired kiddos!  

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