December 14, 2013

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Checking out Santa for the first time...

  • Whitman didn't get the memo that it was Saturday morning and he woke up at 6:30. So I did what any great mom would do-changed his diaper, gave him a bottle and put him back to bed.  And the child must have still been tired because he never fussed and went right back to sleep.  
  • Soon the kids had all joined us in our room and we started our day.  For the past few years, we have always had their Santa pictures at the Clinton library so we decided to go there this morning.  I picked out Christmasy clothes and off we went.
  • We picked up Grannymom on the way and were one of the first ones in line for Santa.  The worker ladies kept us entertained as we waited on Santa.  One lady was wearing her tacky Christmas sweater (she probably didn't think it was tacky) and was walking around singing.  Reagan leaned into me and said "weird."  She was right.  Soon though the big man himself was coming up the escalator.
  • Anderson was the first one to talk to Santa.  The poor child didn't know exactly what to ask for.  His first thought was an xbox with a mario racing game.  A what?  Where did he learn what an xbox was? We quickly reminded him of his kindle and said that he didn't need another game thing.  (Santa has already shopped and Santa doesn't spend that much!)  He finally settled on a bb gun but was still unsure of what to ask for.  I told him that it was okay just to tell Santa that he didn't know what he wanted yet. 
  • Graham was next and asked for a remote control monster truck.  Next up was Reagan and she asked for a rainbow loom.  Whitman was next and he didn't ask for anything nor did Keaton.  I am so thankful that Keaton did at least sit in his lap.  I think that all of her nursing home practice has helped with her Santa skills.  Next up was Campbell.  We were afraid that she was about to chicken out of seeing Santa but she just wanted to go last.  I do think that she became shy when she was talking to him because she said that she didn't know what she wanted.  
  • Then we had our cookie-well the kids had a cookie.  I learned my lesson at the the Clinton Library a few years ago when I took a cookie.  I was quickly scolded that the cookies were only for the children.  So even though that has been year ago, I still do not like staying in that area very long-I don't want to commit another faux pas.  
  • But today we were there forever before any one's pictures started coming out.  Soon we had pictures of 4 kids but Graham and Campbell's were not there.  After about 20 more minutes of waiting, I finally asked.  The lady was helpful and went back to check on our pictures.  She eventually had to take all of the kids pictures to go in the back and look.  
  • After waiting and waiting, Robby eventually took the kids to the car.  Finally, they brought our pictures but the scene was about to get ugly since all of the other families that were first had not yet gotten their pictures and all of the other people that kept streaming in the room were not getting their pictures since they had been working on mine.  I thanked the lady and quickly got out of there!
  • We got gas, dropped off Grannymom and then Whitman and I did a bit of shopping at Hobby Lobby.  Everyone else went to Chickfila to eat and play.  I heard that they even had ice cream and their Daddy had a shake.  I was brought soup so I can not complain at all.  
  • Whitman and I strolled through the store and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We picked up 2 presents and a few other little things.  And we could have spent quite a bit more money but knew we should probably stick to the budget.  
  • Soon Robby and the kids were picking us up and we all went home.  After unloading, we acted like it was Sunday afternoon and had ourselves a little nap.  A wonderful, wonderful nap.  Robby always comments on how sleepy he gets and I tried to remind him that of course he gets sleepy when he is laying in a warm, dark, quiet room covered up with a blanket.  
  • We made a quick snacky supper for the kids and then headed to church.  We had told Campbell that she could go to big church tonight if she behaved all day so we reminded her of that constantly today.  She was so happy that she was able to go and I do think that she really enjoyed church tonight.  At one point, she turned and saw the camera filming the service and said "look, the camera guy is here."  That girl thought the camera was for her and not for the church service.  
  • And a few minutes later, when the preacher got up to conclude the service, Reagan leaned over and said "eww, is he going to preach too?"  You could see her face brighten when I told her that he was not going to preach.  After picking up the kids, we bought some supper and headed home.  
  • After quickly eating, it was bedtime for my crew.  My Keaton yelled at us twice that she was wet and the third time she tried that trick, she was moved to the bonus room.  That poor child knew she was in trouble and would hardly look at me as Robby took her to the bonus room.  She didn't complain once she was up there and went right to sleep.  

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