December 23, 2013-Dennie Circle Christmas

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Dennie Family Circle!
  • After Robby and I stayed up until 2:30 last night, we were pretty slow getting around this morning.  Oh, why did we stay up so late?  Well, Robby was working on Anderson's picture book for the year and I was perusing the internet.  Either way, that is a bit late for us old fogies.
  • I do believe that Graham was in our bed by 7:15 and was playing his kindle.  Anderson was not far behind him but not everyone was up until nearly 8.  The plan was to start the leftover redbox movie from last night as soon as we started stirring but the kids were fairly quiet and I started doing a few things so it was well after 8 before we started the movie.
  • Everyone was very excited about watching this movie and that meant that they watched it quietly-while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off doing everything that I could think of to get ready for the day, evening and even tomorrow.  That silly movie lasted a really long time and I accomplished most of what all I wanted to finish.  
  • The next activity was picking out the presents that would go to Grannymom's house.  I didn't want to leave anyone's presents so I gave the kids a list for them to mark off names as they found presents.  This was a big hit and they all enjoyed doing this.
  • Then it was cookie making time.  I had originally planned on letting everyone mix their own half batch of cookies themselves but I wasn't really sure how to divide things up (and how many dishes would that be?)  So we just made 2 big batches of cookie dough and everyone helped. 
  • After the dough was mixed, everyone had their own floured area to roll out their dough.  I tried to explain things to the kids and give them a few pointers-more flour, spread it out, NOT THAT MUCH FLOUR, not too thin, LESS FLOUR-can you tell that my kiddos liked scooping out the flour?  Really if you ate one of our cookies from today, you would think that the only ingredient was flour.  
  • Reagan and Anderson were all about cutting out shapes with the cookie cutters.  Graham could do it but needed a bit more help and was often frustrated.  Campbell did surprisingly well and Keaton was just happy playing with her dough and cutting it with a knife. After they cut out their cookies, they put them on their own cookie sheet which was then baked.
  • While the cookies were baking, I heated up leftover croissants and the kids ate them while I read a few Christmas stories (while running to the oven every 8 minutes to take cookies out)  Keaton, Campbell and Graham were so excited that the next thing we did after lunch had to be decorating those cookies.
  • I had laid everyone's cookies out on their spot with the table full of icing and sprinkles.  They worked and worked and worked.  Reagan even made a gingerbread Grannymom and Grandpa.  I am just always amazed at the things they enjoy doing and can do well.  Now most of the cookies that were made wouldn't win a cookie decorating contest but they probably tasted decent and more importantly they were made with lots of love.
  • Now let's talk about the mess that this created.  I had only thought that the gingerbread houses created a mess.  The kids really did well and helped me clean after we had cut out the cookies.  They all started cleaning and picking up before I even had to ask.  But after an hour of decorating cookies with unlimited sprinkles, there was not much space on our floor that did not have sprinkles on them.  I started picking up and cleaning and ended up sweeping 4 different times and there are still sprinkles and cookie dough on the floor.
  • Jason called and was nearby so he dropped by.  The kids were happy to see him and so was I.  While he played with everyone, I ran around doing my laundry, re-cleaning the kitchen, getting ready for tonight and even re-re-cleaning the kitchen.
  • After Jason left, Keaton had herself a nap and Whitman did as well.  The others did a bit of school and then watched most of a movie.  Soon it was time to head to Grannymom's house to meet Robby and the rest of the Dennie family for circle Christmas.
  • The kids were excited about presents but weren't too anxious.  I did overhear Graham say today that he was excited about opening presents tonight but Anderson told him "Christmas is not all about presents."  Well, with a tree full of presents tonight, even Anderson was pretty excited!
  • Around 6, we started passing out presents and then the opening begin.  The kids all waited patiently for their turn to open presents-this year we started with the oldest and went to the youngest.  So my Keaton had forgotten that she had presents to open when it was her turn.  Robby told her that it was her turn and she jumped up and immediately started opening her present.  
  • Everyone racked up.  Here are just a few things received tonight (I am too lazy to go upstairs and look at what I can't remember)-Robby-fire extinguisher, food chopper and a few gift cards.  Tara-tervis cup, brownie batter scoops, a big bag and cloth napkins.  Reagan-a bag, a few crafts and art books.  Anderson-cars, checkers, another game and dinosaur bones.  Graham-telescope, pick up sticks, another game and a boy craft.  Campbell-chutes and ladders, construction paper, blocks and a mini pillow pet.  Keaton-a pie game, playdough, a purse and socks.  Whitman-diapers, diapers, cups, and map so we can keep track of his states like everyone else. 
  • The kids played and played after opening presents-the girls played with one of Lilly's presents but the boys played with a football koozie.  That was the big hit so all 5 boys played in half of Grannymom's garage with that koozie until they were hot, sweaty and worn out-pretty perfect.  
  • We ended up taking Cash home and leaving Reagan in his place.  Once home, we let the boys play for a bit but soon it was well after 10 and we tired to get everyone to sleep.  Campbell wasn't happy that she wasn't sleeping by Cash so after her fuss, we sent her to our room to sleep.  Soon Keaton joined her and I guess that they are both in their sleeping peacefully least I hope they are!

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