December 6, 2013

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Wintry fun...

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  • On the pictures today there are a few pictures that Ms. Hannah took yesterday during Campbell's birthday celebration at school.
  • Well, even though we went to bed ready to wake up with our lights off, we (mainly I) was disappointed.  Robby slept with his flashlight by his bed, we had the heat up keeping the house extra toasty, I had my sweatshirt on but alas we just had a snow day not a lights out day.
  • Maybe I was excited about no lights because that would give me a reason to skip school for the day.  But we pressed on and did our schooling.  Friday is usually an easy day so we had finished school, glued together a science review and made an ornament (well, I hope the ornament works-pipe cleaners, borax and hot water)
  • Campbell does spend most of her time lately carrying around a sheet of paper and a pen.  She calls it her list-wonder where she gets that?  Ha!  One of her parents might just have a few lists laying around the house.  Keaton even went to bed with a notebook tonight.
  • We did eat fairly well today (fairly well for us) though none of it was the food we had cooked last night.  Cinnamon rolls for breakfast and fish sticks and hush puppies for lunch.  After lunch, we finally relented to what the kids had been asking for all morning long-to go outside.
  • I didn't bundle anyone up too much because I knew they would be coming back in after awhile. Though we did watch a scary little video of frost bite the other day-probably should have bundled them all up better on second thought.  
  • There were lots of snow angel making and a few ice balls thrown.  But when Robby pulled out our old sled, that was when the party started.  With a good push, the kids could coast down to the lower burn pile.  It wasn't a fast sled ride but still fun.  Everyone, except Whitman, had a turn.  
  • My Whitman was tired when I brought him out-wearing his feetie pajamas, heavy pants, heavy coat and new hat.  He didn't last too long nor did Keaton.  Once we made it back inside, I put Whitman in bed and Keaton and I went  upstairs to watch the others through the window. Once she saw Robby out there she was ready for us to go back  outside, so we did.  
  • After much more sledding, we all trickled in and Keaton and Campbell had a warm shower to warm up and the big 3 had hot cocoa.  Then they all watched some movies while Campbell and I cuddled up and had ourselves a nap.  
  • Soon it was supper time and the kids ate and then picked up while I worked on a pinterest inspired scavenger hunt.  They had to find the pieces of our nativity around the house following clues ("I am a carpenter.  Find me under something made of wood in the kitchen." or "I traveled a long way to see Jesus.  I may have brought my toothbrush.")  They had a blast and it took quite a while (win, win!)  
  • A quick Price is Right and then it was time to pull our Santa and then bed.  While the others were pulling the Santa piece, Whitman high tailed it over to the monorail and started grabbing at it.  I turned it on for him and he just sat there watching it with huge eyes.  
  • Then it was bedtime-so far it isn't going to smoothly.  Keaton slept too long and is going strong!  We have both been upstairs a few times and I just made a deal with Robby that if he went this time, I would find us dessert.  Wish me luck!

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