December 22, 2013

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Group Photo!

  • The kids were the first ones up this morning and I very quickly ended up on the floor since my girls had taken over my spot.  As soon as my head hit that pillow on the floor, Keaton was on one side of me and Campbell was on the other.  I just love those 2 little shadows!
  • It didn't take too long before we were all ready and taking a family picture.  Robby and I decided that the pictures with just the kids look better than the pictures that we are in.  And we have also decided that the kids are rapidly outgrowing that little bench.  
  • Church was uneventful even though it was the Lord's supper.  The kids have sat through the Lord's supper before and we had discussed it before but there is probably always one child that has to be carried out of the church screaming on Lord's supper day and I am always relieved when that child is not my child.  
  • Worship care wasn't too taxing today since we only had one child in our class-our own.  We stayed in the class rocking and playing with Whitman.  We even let him have multiple crackers and then we even let him eat the crumbs off of the floor.  Then we were able to leave a few minutes early to start picking up everyone from their classes.  
  • When I picked Anderson up, he was playing a game on the stage.  All of the December birthday's were playing a marshmallow game and it appeared that Anderson's team won the game.  
  • It was just a short ride to Nonna's house where we had lunch and then the kids played for awhile. Nonna did have a huge purple cupcake for Campbell's birthday and my Campbell was so proud of that cupcake.
  • Back at home, we immediately started picking up the house.  The kids helped make their beds and pick up some but the stellar picker upper today was my Graham.  He cleaned the bathroom sink until it was spotless and when he was told to pick up the living room, he did it perfectly!
  • Laryn, Alicia and Shannon and all their families came over tonight.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham were in heaven playing with the older kids.  Whitman loved Sarah Ashley and Keaton decided that she wanted to go home with Alicia.  Everyone stayed until nearly 10 and when they left, we all quickly picked up.
  • Robby and I finished the kitchen while the kids were getting into bed.  You know that they are tired when they are all laying in bed when you go upstairs to tuck them in.  This was the first day of our Christmas celebrations and it was a very good start.

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