December 4, 2013

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Christmas Program at CBS

  • Today was Bible study day but not just Bible study day, it was also Christmas program day.  Big, big time stuff.  The kids were dressed in their Christmas best-well, this is the 4th year for the boys to wear the same Christmas sweaters (I have truly gotten my money's worth on those).  I tried to talk Graham out of his sweater and just a button down shirt but he was insistent despite the 70 degree temps.  Reagan has only one dress that she really loves and since it is black, it looks very dressy.  Campbell is always limited on his hand me downs that she can wear but we did find a cute Christmas dress.  And Keaton, well she wasn't singing but how can you not dress her up when the others are dressed up.  
  • Even though things were laid out and ready to go, we still got in the car 9 minutes late.  That may not sound like much but 9 minutes is late!  Getting everyone to their classes and then to my class takes quite a while-and today I even stopped in the sanctuary to set my bag down to save a seat for the little show.  
  • After Bible study, some folks left and the men folk came in and the program started.  First up was Reagan's group.  We could see her lips telling the girl beside her "I see your parents. There's my parents."  They sang the Revelation Song.  Reagan's hair was thrown over her shoulder so everyone could see it and she was singing her little heart out.
  • Then it was the little kids-including Campbell.  This morning I had clearly told Campbell that she was to stand up, not sit down and she better not lay down on that stage.  Well, would you believe that the very first song had motions-and one of them was laying down on the stage. She sang most of the songs, knew most of the motions and most importantly kept her dress down.  
  • Her group was then joined by the bigger kids-Graham and Anderson.  My little adorable boys-Anderson standing on the back row with his hands in his pockets singing away and Graham cheesing up for all to see.  But when it was time to sing, Graham didn't just sing-he SANG! We all could hear that little fellow-he knew the words (made me look like a good mamma that practiced his songs with him-never happen!)
  • After the program was over, Robby helped me navigate the narrow halls to pick everyone up. They kids did start to race the Kamps and Heltz down the hall at one point-we usually have a bit of a race to see who can get our big kids first.  
  • Then we headed to see Beebee for the week-we were loaded down when we went into her place: our lunch, her Christmas tree, a picture from Reagan and tape to hang it on the wall and a new candy bucket (hers was cracked!)  We ate our lunch while Beebee finished hers.  Pops showed up and visited with us for a while.  
  • The plan is for my kids big enough for choir to go with their choir to Beebee's place on Saturday to carol.  The weather is making it look like that isn't going to happen.  So she said sing something and they started singing Silent Night.  Goodness gracious, I had to busy myself with Whitman or I might just have gotten teary eyed-your grandmother and children singing Christmas carols.  
  • Back at home, I unpacked and unpacked from the day while Keaton did NOT take a nap and Whitman did.  He is back to his happy self-his is probably feeling better today than he has in a week or two.  Right now he is playing in the floor and eyeing Robby's coke...and crawling everywhere.  
  • We had a snack and I joined the kids watching a man get bit by a python on tv.  Yep, my boys have found themselves a good alligator/wildlife show to watch.  After that we read a bit of science and then had ourselves supper.  
  • Soon Robby was home and loaded up a van load of kids to go down the road to the gas station-to fill up a few gas cans just in case we need use of the generator.  This weather has us scared (hopefully that means nothing will happen)  I even feel the need to keep my laundry clean so we won't have to head to a laundromat this time.  We might should put new batteries in all of our flashlights too...I am so excited!
  • We then left for church-with a quick stop at the library for me and the gas station to fill up my van.  Anderson's class was able to shop and he bought...a football.  And we heard Graham's teacher ask what the kids ate for Thanksgiving and my child shouted "we even went to a movie."
  • Once at home, Anderson was sweaty and had a shower.  Then we pulled our Santa and headed to bed.  Another good for some brownies to celebrate!

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