December 8, 2013

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  • No church this morning.  I don't remember that last time that we didn't have church.  Now I do remember when I was in the first grade and my family skipped church one weekend because of the roads.  Turned out they weren't that bad so the next snowy weekend, we did go to church and the roads that Sunday were pretty bad but we made it.  But since that was 30 years ago, my memory might be a bit fuzzy.  
  • The kids were up way too early-especially the littlest one.  Whitman woke up at 6:30 and he laid sweetly by us drinking his milk and when he was finished with his milk, he was mad that we weren't getting up to play.  I found him a box of toys, sat him on the floor, briefly checked the floor for anything that he could eat and then crawled back into bed.  He was pretty happy playing in our dark room-well, until I had to take the door stopper away from him.  He is a strong little booger to pull that off of the wall.
  • Of course, everyone was starving as always this morning but the new thing is to come downstairs and tell us that they were freezing at night.  Of course they were-3 of the 5 of them lay on top of their covers and only cover up with blankets.  Now we do make sure they are covered when we go to bed and it is warm enough up there to stay cozy but seriously, get under the covers.  
  • I dolled out breakfast this morning-Sunday is doughnut day so that was easy (we did skip ice cream truck tonight but the kids are so confused about what day that it is that no one mentioned it)  
  • This morning was pretty much a blur-ice skating on tv, a few games with the little girls, kindles for the big kids and a bit of playing in the toy room.  Now I did reorganize my tupperware and straighten the bonus room closet-I lead such an exciting life.
  • Soon it was lunch time-spaghetti for the kids and Robby and more soup for Whitman and me.  After lunch, the kids all had to do a school box of my picking.  I did give them all easy ones-now, Reagan did have her math-first day of multiplying by 1 and 0.  She later said that it was so easy like preschool math.  I vividly remembering not understanding that anything multiplied by 0 was 0 when I first started multiplication but that was no trouble for her today.  It must be her teacher!-no, not me.  I was talking about that math man video that she watches before each new math lesson.
  • Then it was time for more sledding!  The yard and driveway were just as icy today.  No one hit any trees today but stumps and vines were more of the problem today.  I had Campbell on the sled with me once and after a good shove from Robby we flew down the yard.  The fence row filled with tiny trees and vines were coming up and I had already turned pretty good to slow us down.  But we were still going to fast so I put my feet down but my boots just slid right along the ice too.  So I just grabbed on to Campbell's head and tried my best to slow us down!  We stopped in time and no injuries were reported.  
  • Later Graham did hit a stump pretty good but managed to stay on the sled and continue sliding.  Keaton enjoyed the sledding more today but poor Whitman didn't have his milk when we left him in the window today and was not happy.  When I could finally hear him from outside, I did head back in (after one more sled ride)  Campbell beat me back inside and soon Robby brought Keaton in-thankfully she didn't lose any fingers due to frost bite.  Today I put gloves on her instead of mittens but that didn't help her keep them on.  
  • I had Whitman showered and in bed, Keaton showered and in bed and Campbell showered by the time Robby and the others came back in.  I had figured that had been on a walk since they were out so long but they were just having a blast sledding.  Back inside, the boys watched the end of a football game and then we made some cookies.
  • They enjoyed their cookies while they watched a movie and soon it was supper time-grilled cheese.  After that, we pulled our Santa and then watched the Rudolph movie which I had never seen.  
  • Keaton's nap must have been a bit too long this afternoon because she was pretty wired when they went to bed.  Hopefully, she will wind down pretty soon! 

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