December 3, 2013

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Away in the manger...

  • I just can't remember it all and yesterday I forgot to talk about my eldest child.  We had just dropped off the fish and as I climbed back in the car, Reagan said "I don't have any shoes on!"  She was pretty panicked and begged me to stop and buy her some.  She knows that I do owe her a pair of black Sunday shoes and was told that we would get them this week sometime.  But I didn't have time to drive to the store, get out with everyone, find the right shoe, pay, get back to the car and make it to the doctor on time.  I told her to hold her head up high and act like she meant to not have shoes. 
  • Since Robby brought Whitman's medicine home last night, we only gave him one dose before putting him to bed.  So we just woke that boy up as we were going to bed at midnight so he could get his second dose of the day.  He did wake up again tonight and was a bit more upset-we probably caught his ears right as they were getting bad so hopefully the meds will kick in soon.
  • Now to today, the kids woke up and were quiet again this morning.  Campbell was ready to go to school and see her friends today.  And Keaton was pretty upset that she wasn't going to get to go with Robby and Campbell.  But when I pulled out breakfast she was happy as she could be.  
  • But my Keaton really, really missed Campbell today.  She asked constantly where she was and Keaton kept telling me "Campbell see my dress"-she wanted to show Campbell her dress.  Even Graham asked this afternoon if Campbell was still in school and when she was coming home.  I even missed that girl this afternoon when she usually follows me around-I finished my chores, had nothing to do and even took a shower just to kill some time.  And when Campbell did arrive home, I caught Reagan hugging on her.  
  • We did school-Reagan worked on multiplication, Anderson spent some time practicing typing, Graham is now writing words with blends in spelling and Keaton spent her school time getting food from the pantry and then throwing a fit when I put it back.  I spent quite a bit of my school time today watching the leaves fall out of the trees-it was like it was raining leaves.  
  • I guess I didn't really do much off of my list because for some reason I decided to suggest painting today.  I don't know what I was thinking!  Ha!  Actually, I have decided that we haven't been doing as much artsy fartsy things around here and I needed to up that.  Their pictures turned out cute (thanks pinterest)
  • Soon I was taking my shower and could hear Reagan, Anderson and Graham screaming.  They were going nuts.  I figured that someone was trying to kill someone else.  I called them to come to me in my "so sweet that they knew they were in trouble" voice.  But apparently they were just playing pac-man and were cheering each other on.  
  • Robby and Campbell came home later and we had supper.  Quesadillas are a big hit in this house but putting the monorail around the tree was even a bigger hit.  That is what everyone worked on next.  Whitman even noticed that train moving-crawled over there and started shaking the track.  When I was tiny one year, my folks put the tree in the playpen so I wouldn't get it-maybe we should have thought about that this year.  

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