December 7, 2013

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Another fun winter day!

  • Well, I guess that I am warming up to the idea of actually have electricity during this little winter storm.  It is proving to be quite fun (not really productive but a lot of fun)  Of course, next week when we are snapped back into the real world (and I have to clean up all of our fun), things won't be as much fun.
  • Everyone is still waking up at 7 but Robby and I are trying our best to stay in the bed.  Of course, when 6 kids try to join you in a queen size bed, it does cause you to get a blanket and move to the floor.  We stayed in our bed this morning until the kids convinced Robby that they were about to starve to death.
  • Robby made breakfast burritos and most everyone had that-except for my pop tart girl (Keaton).  Then we made the kids do their math and phonics (he, he, we are so sneaky.)  Actually, next week is going to be pretty busy so little schooling will be accomplished.  
  • Then I really do not know what happened-we did wash all of the sheets in the house, Robby vacuumed and worked on the kitchen floor (using a putty knife to get the sticky, sticky off).  Oh, and I did have the kids help me do a bit of wrapping.  
  • There was a bit less entertainment out the windows this morning.  Yesterday, there were birds everywhere.  And at least 9 of those poor things flew into the windows.  It must have really looked warm in our house.  Constantly, we were hearing "thud, thud" from the birds.  I don't know why that was happening because goodness knows my windows are not that clean.
  • Soon it was lunch time.  Before the power was to go off, we made some potato soup.  And since the power never went off, we finallly pulled it out today.  Robby had put it in an old potato salad container so when the kids saw it, they had already decided that they were not going to eat it.  We convinced them with the reward of some cookies but let me tell you, that was the best soup ever.  I even smashed the potatoes in the soup up for Whitman and he ate it all.
  • And as soon as lunch was over, the kids knew what time it was.  They headed to start putting on their gear to go outside.  Since it was 22 degrees, we left Whitman in front of the big window in his exersaucer with a bottle in his hand (I think he was even happy to see us all go.)  
  • By the time I made it outside, Anderson was telling me that it was very slippery.  It took poor Keaton a few mintues to figure out how to walk on the ice.  And that child would not wear her gloves.  I just had to make sure that her hands were in her jacket sleeves or she would have been the poster girl for frostbite.
  • The sledding today was awesome-from our garage to the woods with one push.  Robby guesses it is about 75 yards.  It wasn't speedy fast but it was fun.  Reagan did clip a tree and we held our breath until she got up.  I don't think she hit the tree but the sled sure did.  After that when Keaton would sled, she would scream the entire way down no matter who she was riding with. 
  • Graham and Robby even looked for some animal tracks.  The deer were really out last night but they were still not able to find any tracks  this afternoon.  Keaton had Robby take her in and she even stayed inside with Whitman by their selves for a bit-that is how cold it was.  
  • This afternoon was filled with movies, football, tv and naps.  Pretty perfect afternoon.  I fixed supper and then the kids helped pick up for a few minutes.  Next up was reading a few books followed by our nativity scavenger hunt again.
  • Reagan helped me mix things up a bit and add a few more clues.  The kids were just as into  it tonight and I wish everyone could see Keaton running off after hearing a clue.  Of course, she has no idea where she is going, she is just following everyone else but she is super excited about it.  
  • Then it was time for a quick Let's Make a Deal show before bedtime.  Keaton was exhausted tonight since she missed her nap so bedtime went a bit smoother.  Now to wrap a few packages without any help!

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