December 19, 2013

Campbell's Class Christmas Party!

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  • Another early morning-I had to wake 5 out of 6 Dennie kids up.  That is just something that I really, really do not like doing.  Graham was my one awake and when he started spreading the word that he saw me get doughnuts out of breakfast, the folks did start moving around quickly. 
  • We had our breakfast and dropped Campbell off at school.  Of course, as we were just a tiny bit too far to turn around, I remembered that I had left Campbell's teacher's present under the tree at home.  Oh well, there is always next year.
  • Then we headed to our new eye doctor for eye appointments for Robby, me and Graham who failed his screening at the doctor's office.  It was like we had entered the 21st century-computers, new equipment-just pure craziness since our old office was like stepping back into the 70s.
  • Oh, but before we made it there we drove about a zillion miles out of the way causing us to be 15 minutes late.  That silly gps can easily lead you astray when you type in the wrong city.  I never know if we are going to Benton or Bryant-why don't they just call it Bentonbryant?
  • My eyes improved and Robby's eyes stayed pretty much the same but my Graham was the surprising one.  He missed quite a few of the letters that they had him read and then when they started writing down numbers and all, I started to think that glasses were in his future.  And if we went to school, they would be but since we can control his learning environment we will wait and see.  Apparently, he is far sighted and has a bit of trouble seeing things close up.  Also he has a bit of an astigmatism.  The plan is for him to be rechecked next year to see if things have improved or not.
  • Ms. Susie told us that when Santa walked into Campbell's school class today, Campbell did what any good Dennie does-run and get the camera so she can take pictures.  Can't you just see that child running to the home living area to get the play camera so she could snap a picture of Santa.  Apparently, he class really took a liking to Santa-they even touched his beard to see if he was real.  
  • By far, Campbell had the most family at her Christmas party.  We were all there-all lined up sitting on the floor enjoying our snack from home (m&ms and juice boxes)  Campbell was so happy to receive all of her Christmas treats-even though her mom felt like a loser mom!  Reagan asked "did you know other kids were passing out stuff? Why didn't you bring anything?"  Seriously, aren't we spoiling these kids enough?
  • Campbell's little class did stand up and sing a few Christmas carols-cutest thing ever and I do think that Campbell is the cutest kid ever.  And she might just be the smartest kid was the first day that she has ever copied her name and she even surprised me by knowing quite a few of her letters!
  • That all happened before lunch so the first mission when we came home was lunch and the kids starting to work on some of their school work (what wasn't finished at the eye doctors)  Lunch and school was over before 2 and the big kids immediately started in on working on the new birthday toys.  
  • Birthday toys around here are practically communal-everyone enjoys every single thing.  They have all shared, worked, colored, built with pretty much everything that was received.  No one has even squabbled about anything at all (kidding about that part!)  
  • Soon my Keaton was waking up from her nap-she was so tired that she went to bed while it was still 12.  So she laid in my bed and finished watching a few movies with the others who had finally grown tired of legos.  Yes, I was the one fixing the lego space ship-those silly legos-when one step is missed it just takes forever to find the mistake and then fix it-that is what I did this afternoon.
  • Next up was supper and then to Kroger for me to buy part of Robby's Christmas present-yep, he had to drop me off at Kroger but I finished with his presents (well, mainly because he told me to buy him nothing else)  Then it was across the street to hear Lilly and Cash sing at their church.  
  • Lilly was one of the stars of the show and Cash was pretty handsome in his "church clothes" as Anderson called them.  My kids really watched everything that was happening and enjoyed the show.  And they really enjoyed after the show when there was punch and cookies to enjoy!  
  • Back at home, we changed into pajamas and then Robby read part of What Jesus wants for Christmas to them.  Then it was bedtime-Keaton was quickly moved to the bonus room and Whitman is still crawling around at my feet.  

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