December 16, 2013

A little winter soccer...

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  • So yesterday, we were in Keaton's class during worship care.  I don't know what happened but I guess that Keaton was not too pleased with one of her friends because we heard her shout "no ma'am."  So proud of my polite little bully.
  • Also yesterday, as we were getting ready for church Anderson, Graham and Campbell found a flashlight.  They used that flashlight to find items (food mostly) under the beds.  They were so proud of themselves for finding food.  Unfortunately, I wasn't that proud since they discovered enough food to feed a child from a 3rd world country for a month.  All of that rummaging around on the floor messed up Campbell's hair so I had to re-do it (of course, her hair probably looked similar when I finished as when she crawled out from under the bed.)
  • Today, Campbell had that same flashlight and she was looking for mice in the cracks on our stairs.  Mice! Just great.  Thankfully she didn't find any.  The boys have been picking the Wild Man shows during their movie pick and I guess that Campbell is going to become a Wild Woman.  Probably in her case, she can only become a Wild-ER Woman.  
  • This week we are going to do school and then 4 days of school over the Christmas and New Year's weeks.  But for these next 8 days of school, we are doing a bit of reviewing (math, spelling, english) so that means we finished a bit quicker (which is nice since I am still sneaking in a day or two of last weeks school that we didn't finish)  
  • We were able to finish school, read science and history and do a Christmas mad libs.  The kids thought the Mad Libs was so, so funny.  Graham was even slapping the ground as he was laughing.  Then I had them go upstairs for their "Lego Challenge."-if you name anything around here, it is much more fun.  I had them build something Christmas related-Reagan did a stocking, I never saw Anderson's creation and I had to help Graham build a lego snowman (which Robby said looked like a duck!)
  • It was still before lunch when the kids started playing with a balloon.  I don't know who invented balloons but I hope that at some point in their life, they were locked inside of a room with a bunch of children and just one balloon.  My kids were having the time of their life playing a game of balloon volleyball-the screaming and yelling were all happy sounds....for exactly 23 seconds.
  • Then it was lunch time around here-chicken noodle soup.  I had no idea that they would like that as much as they did.  I had one of those family size cans (not the gallon can but the larger than normal can) and they finished it off.  I even remembered to add water to it and they still finished it off.  
  • The next big event was stuff not just one but two pinatas for the party tomorrow.  Anderson had his pinata and Campbell had her pinata.  Then we worked on making a sample craft for the boy craft (bracelet) and a sample craft for the girls (butterfly).  I am afraid that both crafts are going to be a bust-but they will still be a win because they will kill some party time!
  • Around 3, I sent everyone outside to play.  The neighbor boys were out-without their snake-so they joined the kids in a game of soccer.  They played so long that I even decided to go out to take a few pictures.  This meant bringing Whitman who was on my hip-I found the wagon to put him in and off Campbell went pulling him and Keaton.  They were all happy in that wagon....until I heard Whitman crying.  Campbell said "he was happy until I went down that big hill and then he started crying."  Poor thing was probably scared to death.
  • The neighbors dog barked and scared poor Keaton to death.  After that, she was not leaving my side so I headed back into the house to work on some birthday party stuff-brownies and cupcakes.  My help was plentiful-Keaton and Campbell.  Reagan was going to join us but I quickly started her on a craft and Whitman was right in the middle of all of us.  
  • Soon Robby was home and we had supper.  After supper all of the kiddos needed showers from their stint outside.  Then it was time for the Price is Right.  I told Robby that some time I want for him to video all of us watching that show.  We all shout and yell during that silly show-I never would have imagined that we would be hollering at the tv as a family right before bed!

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