December 13, 2013-Happy 7th Birthday Anderson!

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Happy 7th Birthday Anderson!

  • Today was a bit more low key than the last few days but we did have a birthday to celebrate which meant doughnuts for breakfast.  Anderson was pretty pleased that there was one snowman doughnut left along with the 11 other plain doughnuts-but instead of picking the snowman one, he let Campbell have it (that really is just the type of kiddo he is)
  • Since we have given up school this week, we continued with that trend today.  I did have everyone do their phonics, math and spelling.  Then we had a few minutes to pick up before we headed out to drop Graham off at Grant's house too play for a bit.
  • The rest of us then headed over to see Beebee for a bit.  It was almost lunch time and I knew that but we were near there and hadn't seen her this week, so we still snuck in a for a few minutes.  She was ready for us-with kleenexes for dirty hands, candy and her address book with money safely hidden inside.  
  • The lady that always tries to get the kids to come near her was sitting right near Beebee.  Oh you should have seen the kids eyes.  That lady's daughter was there and they moved to another spot.  Beebee held Whitman while the kids had their candy and told her all about our commercial making.  Soon though Beebee was ready to head to lunch so we headed on our way.  
  • It looked dreary out but I checked my phone and it didn't look like it was going to rain until later so we headed to walmart.  I only had 5 kids so why not do a bit of shopping right at lunch time with 2 babies ready for their naps?  
  • I did stop on the way to pick up some hamburgers and then we went into the store.  The kids did really well and we quickly bought what was on our list-well, what I could remember off of our list since Keaton was holding it and she was happy so I didn't want to mess with that and ask to see that list.  I did forget a few things but this was not a food run so we did okay.  
  • Oh, I forgot to mention that as we were walking in, my sweet birthday boy asked if he could have his dollar so he could put it in the salvation army kettle.  Campbell followed suit and asked for hers and while this was happening the guy let them ring the bell.  I tell you, I love to see it when my kids are generous.  
  • After we did find most of the things on our list, I let Anderson look for something to buy for Graham.  Anderson had picked Graham's name for a gift so we searched and searched for a gift.  I am funding the gift so there was a 15 dollar limit.  Walmart is not the place to shop for toys-messy aisles, toys in wrong spots, no prices.  I was just about ready to lose my mind when I found Anderson really looking at something for Graham.  I scanned it on my phone and it was just 3 dollars over the limit on Anderson and since I would have paid 100 bucks extra to get out of there, I asked him if we could buy it online.  He quickly agreed and by the time we left, Reagan picked out something for Campbell to be bought online.
  • While we were shopping, Grannymom called to wish Anderson a Happy Birthday and Nonna and Pops had called earlier and Dana had text. So I think he felt pretty special today with all of his messages.  
  • Grant's mom wrote to say that she hoped we "weren't out in this mess" and said that she could bring Graham home if I needed her to.  I quickly wrote back to say "what mess?" since I was inside of the store.  It was raining with a bit of sleet-blah!  After checking out, we ran, ran to the car-3 kids in the buggy and 2 running along beside.  Anderson was my lookout and kept telling us to "jump" when we went through a puddle.  
  • We picked up Graham and headed to Sonic.  I am a bit of a sucker-I bought Anderson cookies and candy for his afternoon snack (to be shared) and then I ended up taking them to Sonic too.  Everyone was so happy to have their drinks-until Reagan and Graham dropped his drink as they were passing it.  Thankfully, it fell on the mat and we were able to salvage most of it-though my arm is still sticky.  
  • Once at home, the kids watched their movie while Keaton slept and Whitman did as well-for about 10  minutes.  I worked on the laundry and at some point during the day, Reagan came and found me.  She then said "I wish that commercial of us could be an hour long."  She knows she is meant to be a star!  Ha!
  • Soon we headed to the bonus room to the watch a Dennie the Menace Christmas movie and then it was supper time.  After supper, we sang to Anderson with a brownie cake that the girls helped me make.  Keaton and Campbell helped make it and then helped themselves to the batter in the dirty bowl after I had left the room.  Then Reagan and Campbell worked together (after getting into trouble) to decorate the brownie.  
  • Anderson stopped before blowing out the candles to think of his wish.  He thought and thought about it and then I told him that only one of his birthday wishes will come true.  He didn't like that thought at all and I am sure that he is in bed thinking of which birthday wish he really does want to come true.  

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