December 5, 2013

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  • Cupcake day for Campbell's class today so she was ready to go to school.  That child didn't complain at all about her clothes which she usually does.  And had pottied and brushed her teeth and was trying to get into the car before Robby was even ready to leave.  She was in such a hurry that we even forgot her breakfast.  Thankfully, Robby remembered and stopped to get her something on the way.
  • During all of this, my Graham asked to go in the school room (waking up Whitman) to start on his school work.  Well, there is no way that I can pass up that offer.  I am not really sure why he wanted to start on his school work before 7:30 but hey, that was find with me.  Reagan was close behind and I had to call them to the window to wave at Campbell as they drove off.
  • Usually Keaton goes with Robby to take Campbell on Thursdays.  Even though she doesn't know that this is Thursday, I was a bit afraid that she was going to have a fit but when I mentioned pop tarts she was fine.  
  • Robby didn't want to take her because he was a doing a bit of storm shopping (or really storm prevention-because after all of his winter preparation, it won't do anything all year long)  Since yesterday, we have gone into ice storm mode: The generator has been readied, gas bought, batteries bought, groceries filling the pantry, chili, spaghetti, taco meat and potato soup have been made, electronics charged, house cleaned and even a bag of clothes ready to take to the bonus room, paper products bought, laundry is clean, dishes are clean.  The only thing that is not done is him laying out the extension cords for the generator and bringing up bedding to the bonus room.  (9:30 Thursday night and it is thundering out there!  Eeek!  I better type fast!)
  • Soon he was home in time to unload his purchases and reload with kids (Keaton and Graham) to go and pick up Campbell from school.  She did have a great day celebrating her birthday with her friends today.  She had to bring cupcakes today because she will be out next week because next week she will be shooting a commercial (more on that later!)
  • After I fed everyone lunch, we jumped in the car and headed to Grannymom's house for a bit.  The kids played and were happy when Lilly and Cash showed up after school.  Robby and I went out to eat lunch, a quick stop to Savers and then I had a doctor's appointment while he went to Target for M&Ms and shoes for Reagan.  
  • My appointment was quick (appointment at 2:30 and out the door at 2:44)-just a blood pressure check.  The 6th child has pushed my blood pressure back up so I am back on 2 meds.  Thank goodness for medicine.  People always say I am laid back-I'm not!  Ha!  After my appointment we went to Sams to pick up my medicine.  We were surprised about how empty it was in there...then we made it to the back of the store and saw a line of people.  They were all waiting in line for a generator.  We already have one but it made us want to get in line too-we didn't though.
  • Back at Grannymom's house, Robby took their Christmas picture and then we loaded up for home.  Whitman had been asleep at Grannymoms for a few minutes so when we got home, he was wide awake.  He needed another nap but never took one so he was a bit on the grouchy side (well, grouchy for him is probably pleasant for other babies)  
  • We were cooking up a storm when my wardrobe stylist called (Aunt Dana)  She came over with Lilly and Cash and brought supper.  She even pulled out outfit after outfit for all 8 of us Dennies.  Apparently, we are going to wear multiple changes of clothes-filming at quite a few different places.  The kids will so enjoy skipping rocks, wearing sleeveless shirts in 35 degree temperature-memories!  We are going to briefly appear in a commercial for Baptist so all of that excitement will happen on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.  I have already started with the kiddos (mainly Campbell) about being compliant with whatever we are asked to do.  Tonight I did mention that there would be a big reward for us if we did a good job-don't yet know what that will be.  
  • The kids played and played until we had some of Dana's birthday cake-she brought it herself but we did supply the candles!  Everyone sang and then devoured the cake.  They left and we picked up and then put everyone to bed.  We were lollygagging on the couch until we heard thunder outside and got up to prepare a few more things (I should be doing the laundry but that can be done in the dark-can't it?)  
  • Who knows what the weather holds-my guess is nothing but Robby is preparing for about a week without power.  Hopefully all of the work the tree folks have been doing out here will help some.  Either way, we are pretty excited-probably going to a movie would be an easier way to get our kicks though!

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