Christmas Ornament Countdown: Merry Christmas!

Our first trip to Idaho was many years ago.  We were still trying to mark off seeing all 50 states and since we were in Utah, we drove up to spend a night in Idaho to check it out.  We spent the night in Twin Falls, Idaho near where Evil Kneivel jumped over the Snake River.  We also saw a rock called Balanced Rock that we climbed up near even though it was crazy windy.  This was the first trip, that we really realized that they are many things to see no matter where you stop.  You just have to find your own adventure in life....and looking around this Christmas day, I feel that we have done pretty good finding our own adventure.  Who knows what the next year will hold for us but this year was a wonderful year-filled with many adventures.

If you have been reading my Christmas ornament posts, thanks for reading them.  I hope you have enjoyed walking down my memory lane.  I quickly counted 65 ornaments on my list that I haven't put on the blog yet, so I guess you will have to read more about my ornaments for a few more years.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  Merry Christmas!

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