December 17, 2013-Happy Birthday Anderson and Campbell!

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  • Whitman heard Robby and I talking last night about how we didn't mind having to get up in the middle of the night but getting up at 6 or later was just horrible.  Well, that child was up at exactly 6:30 this morning.  My thought was that I would change him, give him a bottle and put him back into bed.  But since his pajamas were soaked through I couldn't do that.  So he ended up in our bed, drinking his milk with his hand on my face saying "dadada."
  • We were all lounging around in my room this morning when Robby walked in and asked Campbell if she was ready.  I had no idea what she was supposed to be ready for.  I even had to be reminded that it was school day for Campbell.  I jumped into action and scrambled to get her hair combed, teeth brushed, clothes on and breakfast ready to catch her ride.  Robby dropped her off pretty much on time and I think that Campbell might have been a bit embarrassed when Robby told her teacher that she wasn't at school last week because she was a movie star.
  • Poor Anderson thought that since today was his birthday party day that he didn't have to do school today.  I believe that one time on Reagan's birthday we skipped school but I am feeling so behind this year that we didn't do that on his real birthday or on his birthday party day (gasp!)  But don't feel too sorry for him because he completed math and typing on the computer and one of his assignments was to work a puzzle.  He did though use "it is my birthday" at least 70 times today to help get what he wanted or get what he wanted first.  And since Campbell wasn't here to compete with him, I usually caved to whatever he asked.  
  • After our schooling, I sent the kids to play with a "bonus hour"-remember if you name it, it is more fun.  The bonus hour was because we had finished school before 11 and that really gave me the bonus of an extra hour to get things ready for the parties tonight.  I told the kids that what I was able to finish before lunch was stuff that they wouldn't have to help me with after lunch-I never heard from anyone for that hour!
  • Well, that isn't exactly true-Whitman did wake up from his morning nap early so I put him on the floor and let him chase me and the kids around as I worked and they played.  I had to put chairs in front of the Christmas tree but the child crawled from room to room playing with things.  It was nice that I have so many helpers to watch over him.
  • Soon we had ourselves lunch and read a few books.  Then I played a round of indoor balloon volleyball.  Of course the couch is the net and the kids take this game pretty seriously-we had about 7 different injuries which is bound to happen playing volleyball inside with furniture, walls and a fireplace nearby.
  • Then it was time to work-I had the kids cleaning potties (of course I know they don't clean them that well but they are the ones who pee on the floor), they cleaned windows (again, they are the ones that lick the windows), they dusted, they straightened-really, my kids are pretty handy to have around.  Our house never really gets too clean but it is pretty easy to straight and that makes having a birthday party (or two) pretty easy.
  • Keaton and Whitman had naps while the others watched tv and then everyone helped me finish Campbell's butterfly cupcakes.  And soon we were putting on clothes for the big parties tonight.  Due to lack of our planning, busy schedules and holiday parties Anderson and Campbell's birthday parties were on the same night.  It worked out very nicely and though we didn't have too many party guests, it was just the perfect amount of folks.  
  • We had one side of the table decorated with butterfly plates and napkins along with butterfly brownies and butterfly cupcakes along with butterflies made by the girls yesterday for decorations.  And the other side had football plates and napkins along with football brownies and football doughnuts and decorated with footballs made last night as well.  And for supper, there was pizza for all-of course served with butterfly or pizza plates.  
  • Everyone ate, then we had a craft (beaded butterflies or football bracelets) followed by opening presents-Campbell opened one then Anderson back and forth.  They both racked up-Campbell's haul included a tent, 2 princess dolls, scarf, gloves, hat, princess dress, hair accessories, a cake pop kit, stamps, legos, princess stickers, paper dolls, paper, crayons and probably a few other things that I can not see from my spot on the couch.  Anderson opened legos, legos and more legos, a planes battleship, nerf basketball, magic kit, a bug toy, a paper airplane book and probably something else as well.  Both of them received the sweetest card and 2 whole dollars from Reagan Marie.  She was so proud to give them their gifts and Anderson and Campbell were very proud and pretty thankful for their little gifts from their sister.  
  • After presents, we had a butterfly pinata and then a football pinata.  The boys only could grab the boy candy and the girls could only get the candy from the girl pinata-quite exciting times in the Dennie garage.  The kids couldn't have had a better time and it was a pretty perfect 4th and 7th birthday party...
  • Well, Whitman missed most of the parties-that child must have been exhausted from waking up so early because after Grannymom fed him and Nonna held him he was sound asleep.  I just went and checked on him and he is still sleeping soundly.  I will have to wake him up soon so he can have a night time bottle so hopefully he can get back on his normal schedule tomorrow!  

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