December 1, 2013

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Another day of laundry...

  • This was a pretty perfect December day-church, family, naps...what could be better?  The kids slept a bit late this morning and then played upstairs quietly.  While I was up there I looked in on them.  Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell and Keaton were all sitting all huddled around the lego box building floats for a parade.  
  • Of course the happy siblings didn't last too long because soon it was time to get ready for church.  Thankfully the kids raced to put on their clothes because breakfast was next.  Doughnut day is always pretty big around here.  Reagan did suggest that I buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts for next week.  I politely explained, while holding my 2 big boxes of doughnuts from Sams, that my doughnuts that last for weeks cost what one trip to Krispy Kreme would cost.
  • My Reagan later in the day told me that she liked our house the best.  She continued that some houses are too fixy and have too much stuff hanging on the walls.  And then she added but ours doesn't have much stuff on the walls.  Thanks for that Reagan.
  • The kids did fine at church-no one fell asleep and no one got lost.  I did briefly look for Graham until I met back up with Robby.  Robby had sent Graham inside the sanctuary to say hi to Grannymom and Grandpa.  Then when we walked into the sanctuary, Graham wasn't there-but no worries, because he had already visited them and moved on to see  Nonna and Pops.
  • After church, we had lunch at Grannymom's house.  Whitman was pretty tired and still doesn't feel his best.  But tonight he did feel better-glad we have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. The kids worked really hard on building a teepee with Cash and were pretty disappointed when it was time to leave.  
  • We dropped Cash off and then headed home.  The kids watched their movies and I started to watch some of the game with Robby-but we fell asleep.  Actually, I don't know what game was even on but that I think it was football.  We all slept way too late this afternoon and loved every minute of it.
  • When we all started moving around again-we picked up the house and I had my big 3 do a school box.  Reagan picked math and today was her first day of multiplication-woo hoo. Usually when we start something new she panics but today went fine.  The kids then helped us pick up and soon it was time for supper.
  • Robby whipped up supper and of course we capped off our evening with a bit of Rockette dancing.  The kids were working on their little routine as I walked into the room but by the time that I retrieved my camera they had moved on to other things.  Oh yes, then we did watch our Price is Right and pulled down our first Santa piece.  And then it was bedtime!

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