December 15, 2013

Sunday morning singing...

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  • Robby was the chef this morning since we had already eaten all of the Sunday doughnuts.  Before I knew what he was doing in the kitchen he was scrambling eggs, cooking sausage and baking biscuits.  All of the kids were so excited to have such a yummy breakfast-well, all of them but one.  The first thing that Keaton said when she saw her breakfast was "pop tart day."  We did relent because she really doesn't eat bread and she managed to finish her pop tart and ate most of the eggs on her plate.
  • Soon we were on the way to church and the first thing we did was drop our singers, Reagan, Anderson and Graham, off so they could get ready to sing. The others, Keaton, Campbell and Whitman, were dropped off at class.  Then for a few minutes Robby and I sat together in church-all by ourselves.  
  • The kids Christmas program was cancelled last week due to the weather so they were able to sing 3 songs today in big church.  Of course my kiddos were the cutest, most well behaved and sang the best of all of the other children up there-well, what I could see of them at least.  Reagan is just so short-well, I guess that all of my kids are but Reagan was completely covered by Alyssa Kate.  Robby did say that during the next hour when they sang again he could see her better.
  • After they sang the first time, I collected them from the hallway and we sat through church.  After church was over, we explained that they would go and do it all again.  Graham looked up at me and said "we have to do this again too?"  He was thinking that he was going to have to sit through all of church again.  That child was so relieved when I told him that he would be taken to Sunday school.
  • Robby and I worked in Keaton's class during worship care and then he picked up the crew.  Graham had made a cute ornament, Campbell was so proud of the book that she made and Anderson's class made a birthday cake for Jesus.  
  • Next up was lunch at Grannymom's house and then Robby and I snuck out so we could do some grocery shopping.  We picked up enough stuff to last a day or two.  I have a pretty detailed of where we are going, who is coming here, when and what we are to bring or cook.  Now I do have this list but only half of it is filled in so there are still going to be a few holes in my pantry supply.  Robby told me that there is another snow/ice front coming so that did light a fire under me (still have more presents to come up with-eeek)
  • So after shopping, we picked up the kids and went home.  After everyone helped unload the car, the big ones went outside to play.  They were outside for quite awhile.  I kept opening up the door to check on them and found them always playing soccer.  Though at one point they did take a peek at the neighbors snake (oh gracious!)
  • Then the kids watched a few movies followed by supper.  And then Robby and I listened to the music from church tonight as we worked around the house.  Anderson asked why we weren't at church and I told him that this was the same thing as last night.  Then he asked "why didn't we just stay home and listen to it last night?"  Hmm, good question-it is probably a good thing that the broadcast isn't streamed live all of the time.
  • Robby read everyone the book that Campbell made in Sunday school and then we had key lime pie.  We had bought it for Anderson's birthday and then forgot all about it.  He was still pleased as he could be to get key lime pie even if it was a few days past his birthday.  

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