December 29, 2013

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Protectors of the Legos!

  • Church morning and when we went to bed, Robby said that we didn't need to set an alarm because the kids would certainly wake us up in plenty of time.  I went ahead a set my alarm just in case-my alarm actually doesn't wake me up, it just wake Robby up and then he has to wake me up.  The alarm went off at 8 which left us exactly one hour to get this family out of the house.
  • By the time that I got out of bed, we had closer to 50 minutes so my shower was quick.  The kids were starting to stir but I had to go upstairs to make sure everyone was actually putting on clothes and not playing with the legos.  I got the big 4 dressed and went down to start on hair while Robby dressed Keaton.  The kids helped cart breakfast to the car and someone dressed Whitman (I don't remember if it was Robby or me but he did go to church wearing clothes and not his pjs!)
  • Campbell wasn't too pleased with going to her class this morning and we had debated bringing her into big church but little miss difficult was sent to class.  She indeed had fun and we were able to enjoy the service much better.  I was asked multiple times if church was almost over and during the final prayer Reagan leaned in and said "this is the longest prayer ever."
  • Oh, and during the sermon the preacher was talking about his children comparing their Christmas gifts with others.  Reagan leaned in and said "While he is talking about that, did you know that so and so all got ipads?"  She didn't act to envious but she wanted to make sure that I knew that.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house and the highlight today was seeing the gerbils that Lilly and Cash bought after Christmas.  I believe that all of the Dennies except Keaton touched them and thankfully none of my crew mentioned anything about getting a gerbil after we left.  Reagan and Lilly did work on a bracelet and Reagan was pretty pleased that she was able to show Lilly.  Reagan even made some more bracelets once she came home-tomorrow we are going to make another type (hopefully!)
  • Once at home, the kids watched a few movies while Robby and I had a nap.  Somehow during our nap the kids continued to ask us questions-help with the kindle, ipad turn, who's movie turn is it, more milk, more snack, baby's awake.  We thought we had everything ready so we could snooze for a bit-we had their snacks and milk ready but apparently that was not enough today.  
  • When Whitman did wake up, he helped me do some laundry while we watched the kids last tv show with them.  Then Robby cut the boys hair and I cut his hair before everyone had showers.  Then we had supper and Robby sent the kids upstairs to work on their lego creations.
  • For today, our new lego storage system really works-you should see the stage complete with lights, microphone and ladder that Reagan made for her girl.  And Graham made this awesome snow plow to use for the snow that is to fall tonight (I don't really know of any snow falling tonight though)
  • Then we had ice cream truck night and a story before bed.  About 2 hours later, Keaton called to tell us that she was wet and Reagan had me try to pull her tooth in the bathroom-I couldn't so maybe the tooth fairy will have to visit us tomorrow night instead!

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