December 31, 2013-New Year's Eve!

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Ringing in the New Year!

  • As you would probably guess, our wake up time this morning was even later than our wake up time yesterday.  It is a wonder that we even get out of bed at all anymore!  I had to send Keaton and Campbell upstairs to wake Reagan up at 9:30.  The rest of us had already had breakfast and I was sending the boys to start on school.
  • We finished school at noon and then had our lunch.  Today I read a bit more of our Brighty of the Grand Canyon book-also known as the book that will never end.  I am expecting us to finish it in the year 2015 sometime.
  • So our lunch prayer was by Campbell.  She thanked God for our food, thanked Him for her momma that takes care of everybody and then she said "God make our church bigger so boys and girls don't have to go to Lilly and Cash's church."  I quickly explained that we wanted for boys and girls to go to a church so they could learn about Jesus and that it didn't matter what church they went to as long as they were able to learn about Jesus there.  Reagan and Anderson must have had the opportunity to make a commitment to pray for the church during our building campaign.  Reagan said she made that commitment but Anderson said he didn't because there was no way that he could remember to pray for the church every single day.  Though he is the one that has remembered to pray for the church "to grow" every single day.  And I guess that this has rubbed off on Campbell.  
  • After lunch, I had the kids help pick up for a bit and then we played a new game from Christmas-Mastermind.  Every single time that Anderson or Campbell had to pick a sequence that Reagan made, they would guess it on the very first guess.  But poor Reagan was the unluckiest little girl out there.  Won't be taking her back to kiddie Vegas anytime soon.  
  • Keaton was asleep during this game and Whitman happily watched from the exersaucer.  My Keaton is so funny lately-she talks all of the time.  The kids, against my wishes, have picked up saying "oh shoot" and Keaton says that too.  She also says "hi dude" and other crazy things like that.  You just never know what she is going to say these days.
  • Speaking of Keaton, yesterday while we were at kiddie Vegas and sitting and eating, Keaton started saying "stuck, stuck."  Reagan tried to help her and looked at Robby in that "I need help" look.  Robby stood up and tried to help unstuck Keaton's body from the chair.  Then he gave me that "I need help" look so I went to help while holding Whitman.  Keaton was started to make a bit of a commotion by now being stuck at her waist in the back of the chair.  I quickly went to put Whitman down in the stroller and then rushed back to help with Keaton.  Robby gave her a pretty good jerk but she just moaned and it didn't make a difference.  The only other option that I knew of was to pull the girls pants down and try a big jerk again-thankfully it worked!
  • Afternoon snack and then all the sleepers woke up and my crew was so excited about tonight New Year's Eve party that they could hardly stand it.  Seriously, you would think this is the most exciting time of the year.  Well, I do have to say that my Dennies have one rocking new year's eve party.
  • The party started for me when Robby arrived home from the dentist-I was glad to see him but I was especially happy to see the chinese food that he brought home for me.  I devoured it before everyone else ate their food-sometimes it is just nice to eat in peace :)
  • Then the party really started with pizza for supper in the bonus room.  The kids were then able to choose our next activities by picking from a set of bags containing the next activities.  Glow sticks and then a game were next.  Followed by a movie and lollipops.  In the middle of the movie, we stopped to decorate cookies.  Then we finished our movie and made smores and ate key lime pie.  The next big adventure was poppers-not many kids get to shoot fireworks in the house.  A few pictures and then the last movie of the night.
  • Last year, we let the kids stay up all night.  Well, until 2 when Robby suggested turning off the tv and resting our eyes for a bit.  This year we were a bit wiser about this and plan on calling it a night as soon as this movie is over.  We did make our resolutions this year and I will update about those in just a few minutes.  
  • Whitman has been asleep for awhile and hopefully Keaton will fall asleep during this movie.  She is a bit skittish tonight after we did the poppers.  Hmm, I guess that I am a bit skittish too after a whole package of poppers going off in the house!

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