December 27, 2013

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Time for bed!

  • We acted like today was Saturday because we all loafed around all morning long.  It was nearly nine when we finally served breakfast.  Then we started on school-I do use that term loosely.  I told the kids that we weren't going to do it all but I that I did want them to work for awhile.  While I did spelling with the big kids, Graham did his work with Robby so we were all able to zoom through school today finishing most of our stuff.  
  • Then we started to work on "operation clean this house" but unfortunately the more we worked, the more mess we made.  Robby and I started to work on his closet and that lasted for a couple of hours.  We moved all of our small kitchen appliances into that closet and tried to move quite a few things out.  Of course Whitman was our constant helper-chewing on cords, tearing tape off of boxes and inspecting everything that we threw his way.
  • The other children had migrated outside-sometimes outside is a wonderful thing.  They were taking turns with the remote control cars (we guess, we never heard any screaming)  The entire time that we were working, they were playing-now I did have to pass out lunch outside and we had to continue to encourage them to stay outside while promising them that Robby was coming out soon.  
  • I was feeding Whitman so I missed my picture opportunity-actually, we forgot all about pictures until bedtime.  I could hear everyone screaming but it was no cause for alarm.  We had finally pulled out the extra remote control helicopter (we gave one to Anderson last birthday and it broke and we never got out the spare that we had bought)  After the helicoptering, it was time to shoot the bb gun some more.  Reagan was excited that she had knocked down a can-Robby said she was aiming at the table but shot a can.  Either way, she was so happy!
  • Showers for everyone was next and soon Nonna and Pops arrived to pick up Anderson for the evening.  We had plans tonight but they were moved to tomorrow.  Nonna also brought a zillion clothes that my aunt sent for us.  I started to go through them when they left but didn't finish before we left for the evening-when we left this house tonight, if a thief had come in he would have turned right back around thinking that we had already been robbed.  This place was trashed and is still a bit of a mess-a bit better though.
  • Our mission tonight was food for tomorrow and lego storage.  We succeeded on both-Home Depot, Sams with supper there and Walmart.  Back at home, instead of picking up and going to bed, we let the kids watch a movie or two or three while Robby and I worked on hanging some shelves and getting some lego storage together.  People with just a few kids have lots of legos so just imagine how many we have here!  Hopefully our new system will work, if it doesn't I already know what I am going to do with all of the bins that I bought.
  • We finished a bit before 10 and the kids were so tired and we were too.  They went to bed and we picked up for a bit before finally setting down.

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