December 2, 2013

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Love that smile :)

  • My little Whitman didn't sleep too well last night-so that meant that I didn't sleep too well either.  He woke up around 2 and then again around 4.  We worked on his nose at 4 and since he had already eaten, I tried to have him to go to sleep with me but he squirmed, crawled, laid down, got up and did this over and over until 5.  I eventually gave him a bottle and he slept great.  
  • This morning he was his happy self again but his fever did go up a bit this morning before his doctor's appointment.  I didn't give him any tylenol for our doctor's appointment.  Martin said that his ears were red and had fluid.  She gave him some medicine that Robby picked up and that Whitman was given as soon as Robby walked in the door.
  • Now for being sick, he is the best little baby ever.  Now, he did scream when the nurse gave him his 4 shots but as soon as I picked him up, he was done fussing-though his little lip was still quivering.  He was pretty tired tonight though and went to bed around 7.  
  • Back to the morning, the best sleep of the morning for me was from 7-8.  Yep, I don't know what the kids were doing during this time but they weren't in my room-must have been those kindles.  The blessed kindles!  
  • I did start moving when Robby left for work.  The big kids were busy and I had to open the front door so the little girls could wave at him.  I urged everyone to put on their clothes while I showered and then it was breakfast and school time.  
  • School went semi-smoothly.  My boys had forgotten how to do school.  Graham is a perfectionist and won't try something if he doesn't think his will be right so his phonics today was a struggle.  And Anderson-well, I had written out this for him "Your dad just finished hanging Christmas lights on your house.  He went to plug them into the outlet when he saw.... (finish this story in complete sentences)"  Anderson could not think of anything.  It was like he couldn't be creative at all.  I had to prompt, give examples and stand on my head for him to finally write "He saw a grasshopper.  He caught it.  Then he gave it to me."  I guess my boy is very literal.  Also I think we might just have to work on some more creative writing.
  • Soon it was 11 and time to eat lunch.  We had a fish to deliver back to the Kamps.  Thank God that fish survived-I had more than one time when I couldn't find it or didn't think it was swimming adequately.  Man taking care of kids isn't as stressful as caring for a fish.  
  • Then it was doctor appointment time-Reagan, Graham, Keaton and Whitman.  The summary is everyone passed.  Whitman did have his ear stuff going on.  Graham didn't pass his vision screening so I already have him an appointment coming up at the same time I have my appointment (let's just hope that he passes the real test-Reagan has done the same thing once.  But since Robby and I have both worn contacts forever, many of the kiddos will eventually as well.)  
  • Robby did meet us at the doctor's office and then he took off to Sams to fill the prescription.  Meanwhile, I took my crew to Sonic to celebrate our successful outing.  I even bought Keaton a full size drink-which she did poke a hole in with her straw.  Graham saw and got the drink to Reagan before a mess was made.  Keaton's drink was practically gone but she was not happy that we would not give it back to her.  I told her that she could have some milk (which means go to sleep) when we got home.  When she heard this, she screamed so loud that Reagan said that Whitman, who was sleeping, jumped.
  • We read a few books while Keaton screamed.  I eventually went up there to get her out of bed so she could just sit and watch some tv with the others-good thing I went when I did because she had taken off her diaper and already wet her bed.  She knew that she was in trouble because when I told her to lay down as I was taking off her sheets, she didn't move a muscle.  
  • Once she was calm, I passed out snacks and soon Robby was home and we had supper.  The kids were pretty wild this afternoon and evening but did finally calm so we could watch our night time show.  We did forget to pull our Santa down tonight-2nd night of December and we are already forgetting!  

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