December 9, 2013

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Birthday week for Anderson!

  • The kids were hoping that the roads would have been too bad for Robby to make it in to work today-Robby was hoping the opposite and ready to see some place other than this house.  He made it fine without any problems.
  • We had our little breakfast and then started school.  For some reason, it wasn't that great of a morning.  Graham had a pretty rough morning as did Campbell.  Robby can calm and redirect Graham easier than I can.  With me, his behavior just escalates.  Today I did send him to my bedroom until he could calm down and then I had him work on cleaning his desk out before starting back on his work.  The kids love cleaning their desks-seriously, they love it.  It is a necessary evil because the room looks trashed with the contents of 4 desks out on the floor but eventually, we do get things back together.  
  • My poor kiddos have been straightening and picking up all day long "for Aunt Dana's people."  I think they are getting tired of hearing that and they might just remove her Christmas present from under the tree.  I am using this commercial filming that is to happen her as a good motivator.  We haven't worked on closets because I have run out of time but if I just had a few more days.  
  • We had our lunch-turkey, beans, mac and cheese and some crackers.  I was getting plates out and Graham said "please not peanut butter."  So I rummaged around until I found something else.  Of course as soon as lunch was over, I found the ravioli in the pantry-that would have been a lot easier.  
  • Then it was back to straightening-I guess it sounds like I am kid slave driver or house obsessed.  But seriously, I spent most of my day straightening with a few light chores just so this place doesn't get crazy messy.  It is probably good for the kids to help a bit with things-or they will resent me forever.  Either way, makes today easier!  
  • As we were finishing picking up, I saw a well dressed man in the back yard-I knew it wasn't my meter reader since he is a big, bright colored shirt wearing man who parks in the yard by the picnic table.  Then I saw another and another and another man.  I briefly thought we were going to be robbed by a bunch of good looking fellows with clip boards.  They seemed pretty interested in the swing set, trees and back of the house.  It didn't take long for me to realize they were Dana's folks coming to scout out the house some.  I offered for them to come in to snoop around but they declined and headed to Pinnacle (we are going to be filming there on Thursday)
  • Soon the kids were putting on coats and heading out.  I made it clear that I was not going to go out today and even tried to convince Keaton to drink some milk and take her nap.  She declined and headed out.  After about 5 minutes, she was back inside pulling at her coat telling me that she wanted some milk.  That girl was tired!
  • Whitman had his nap and when the kids came in they had to have showers.  They were soaking wet-I had watched them throwing ice, knocking ice off of things, trying to carry a huge ice chunk up to the tree house, sledding on a tiny hill and even sledding on their bottoms.  When Campbell climbed in the shower her bottom was bright red.  I thought she was having a huge allergic reaction until I realized her rear was freezing cold!  
  • We read science, they watched a movie and then Nonna and Pops came over with supper.  The kids were happy to see them and had a zillion questions for Nonna wearing her sunglasses (eye surgery).  Now Campbell saw Pops come around to open the door for Nonna and get her out of the car.  Campbell said "maybe her arm is sore too and she can not open the door."  
  • We had pizza and even celebrated Anderson's 7th birthday with a huge cupcake a few days early.  But the kids were most excited about getting to play with Nonna and Pops for a bit.  My Graham even made sure to clean up the bonus room before he came downstairs when everyone left-love that stinker!  
  • After a bit more cleaning, it was soon time for bed for my group of soon to be movie stars!  Wish us luck tomorrow-I am sure it will all be interesting!

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