December 24, 2013-Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve at the Brocks
  • After staying up late last night, we thought that the crew would sleep in late but that was not the case.  Our one late sleeper, Reagan, was at Lilly's house.  The boys were easily entertained this morning with their kindles, lego building and fort making.  My slumber was finally interrupted by their fort making since I do have some awesome fort building skills (I wish!)
  • We served up breakfast to the hungry crew and really, the next thing I knew it was time to pick up the girl and trade in the boy.  I am not really sure what anyone did this morning-we worked around the house some and played some.  The kids played mostly and even watched a bit of tv.  It was a pretty relaxing morning.
  • We all piled in the van to go and get Reagan from Lilly's house.  Well, actually I told everyone to put on their shoes and had gotten them a snack for the car.  Robby and I continued working in the house trying to pick up a few things and wake the baby up.  About 10 minutes later, I realized that the house was quiet and I didn't know where the kids were.  They were all in the van-eating their snack quietly.  I should pass out snacks each and every time that I want for the kids to get into the car quickly.
  • On our way home, we dropped all of the presents off at Nonna's house.  Campbell was pretty confused why we were not headed straight to church when we left Nonna's house and turned toward our house.  We again explained the plans to eat lunch, play and then church.  Sometimes the kids can remember every single thing that you say to them and other times nothing get through to them!
  • At home, we made ham and cheese croissants for lunch and read the last bit of our What God Wants for Christmas.  While the kids ate, I worked on the last of our Christmas mad libs with them and Robby read it to them.  Robby and I both loved mad libs when we were little and the kids really seem to like them.  I probably should have bought some for Christmas.
  • The afternoon was just as restful as the morning.  Robby and I were talking about what you could do daily to make things seem more like Christmas each and every day.  We didn't come to any conclusions but if you have any ideas let me know. It just seemed so relaxful....maybe it was the Christmas music playing throughout the house or the candles....or who knows. 
  • I had thought that Keaton would have gone to her class tonight but Robby suggested that she come to big church with us.  She was in awe of the whole thing.  Keaton just looked and looked around the entire time.  I do not think that she had ever been in church so everything was new to her.  Reagan was so proud to sit by her and hold her hand as we walked to our seats.  
  • Meanwhile, sequestered on the other side of Robby was Campbell.  She did very well in church but she is just Campbell-full of life!  The preacher man had the kids go down to the front.  Keaton wasn't going at all and Campbell didn't want to.  But we did kind of push Campbell on out into the aisle and she quickly caught up with her brothers and sisters.  I could see my kiddos sitting down front all side by side listening closely-couldn't be prouder.  They are so cute how they take care of each other sometimes.
  • All of my crew was anxiously awaiting the "singing and candle part" of the service.  As soon as Jeff wrapped up his sermon, my 5 kiddos bent down and picked up their candles.  Keaton had not a clue about what was going to happen but soon her eyes were wide watching the candles glow-and she was even humming along.  Robby tried to snap a few pictures and watch Campbell at the same time.  Let's just say the lady in front of Campbell should be thankful that she was wearing non-flammable clothing.  Actually, I should dress all of the kids next year in non-flammable clothing.  
  • Then we were on our way to Nonna's house.  The kids were so, so excited and could hardly wait.  I had told them that we were going to eat supper first and before I knew it and before Nonna had half of the food out, Anderson had picked up his plate and was taking the tops off of the pans preparing to fill his plate.  At first we thought that he must have been hungry but we soon realized that wasn't the case.  He was ready to get the eating part out of the way so we could start the good part-the present part. 
  • While we were eating, Graham asked if we could just eat dessert after opening the presents.  It is rare that any of the Dennie kids want to skip dessert.  We told Graham that was a good idea and we finished Nonna's delicious supper.  Nonna said that she had to put the food up before presents and I said that we would work on our reindeer food while she did that.  Anderson wanted to help Nonna finish her task as fast as she could, so he said "we can help clean up the kitchen."  That would have been so sweet if he didn't have an ulterior motive.  
  • Then it was finally present time.  My Campbell was so funny-every single thing that she opened, she acted like it was her favorite thing ever.  But the funniest part was poor Graham.  His first present that he opened was the same thing as something he had gotten last night (though he decided that he wanted to keep two of them) and then his second present was underwear and socks.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the room Anderson was opening up a huge bow and arrow set.  You could just see poor Graham looking at his brother thinking that maybe he HAD been on the bad list!  Ha!  Don't worry though-Graham was soon opening up his bow and arrow set and his brother was soon opening up his underwear!
  • The kids racked up and so did we.  Here is what I can remember from tonight: Robby-door stops, curved shower rod and tools.  Tara-picnic blanket, flashlight, book and lotion.  Reagan-a pillow, legos, hair stuff and a scarf.  Anderson-bow and arrow, legos and some plane toys.  Graham-bow and arrow, legos and hex bugs.  Campbell-baby doll, legos and lots of crafts.  Keaton-legos, baby doll and hair stuff.  Whitman-diapers, computer and a ball.  After opening the presents the kids were ready to really open them.  So we opened quite a few boxes to play with while we finally had that dessert.  
  • Soon though it was time to load up the car and head home.  Everyone put on their pajamas and I read Twas the Night before Christmas while Robby and Pops loaded up the car.  Jason looked up and saw that Santa was in Canada and my Graham knew that it was time to go.  He was even urging everyone to get into the car so we could beat Santa to our house.
  • Once home, we sprinkled reindeer food for the reindeer and then went inside to pull our Santa countdown.  We took a few pictures and then it was bedtime for the crew.  I think they were tired but they were also pretty wired....but I heard nothing from them on the monitor-they sure don't want to miss Santa.   

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