November 10, 2014

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Cooking up dinner...

  • School morning for Campbell and though we had the best of intentions of waking up early, it just did not happen. Could possibly have been because we were up until after midnight just sitting on the couch enjoying quietness.  Or it might have been because we were up at 2 with Keaton-I forgot to put a diaper on her and though she is usually dry at night, she wasn't last night.  As she was pottying, I told her that I would be back but I was going to get her bed ready.  She looked at me and said "but it is SO wet." I guess she thought I was going to put her back in her wet bed.
  • The kids were making a tower with well over 200 blocks before 7:30 this morning.  They played and played and again played well this morning.  My Campbell ran downstairs to grab her clothes and then zoomed back upstairs so she could help with the tower.  It finally became taller than them so I went to help with the last 50 or so blocks-only I knocked it over pretty quickly.  In my defense, it was well over my head and not yet 8 so my fine motor skills were pretty lacking.
  • I served up breakfast in the school room while Whitman ate in the kitchen.  I worked with the kids while he ate and that kid sat in his seat for about an hour slowly munching on his banana. I guess that I will say that he is finally all better-he does have an occasional runny nose but he is back to his old ornery self.  
  • School went well but my usually first to finish child, Graham, had to finish his reading after lunch.  I hope that he understands that his late finish was due to his goofing off but I am not really sure that he can put those 2 things together.  
  • Next was lunch and it was pretty uneventful.  Well, we did have one major breakthrough-Whitman ate macaroni.  He has never eaten mac and cheese for me before-I couldn't believe it when I walked over there and it was gone off of his plate.  He never touches it even but after checking the floor and his seat, it was gone and I dished him up some more.
  • The kids did their chores and finished the rest of their school.  Anderson did have one box to do when Campbell came home-I am having him (or someone) work with her every day on some of her easy work.  She works better for them sometimes and this gives them a bit of responsibility.  Campbell spend the afternoon at Grannymom's house-playing with Lilli and Cash, crocheting and admiring her new dress that Grannymom found for Campbell's birthday. 
  • The afternoon passed the same as most-I did hide the kids afternoon snacks since Graham had requested this last week.  It was quite entertaining for me watching them crawl around and quickly search for them and I hid them really well so it took a long while.  And after Keaton had been in bed for over an hour, I heard her upstairs screaming.  I went and laid down by her until she (and I) fell asleep.  I did sneak out only for her to come downstairs a bit later-and she told me that she was wet.  More sheets to wash!
  • Robby and Campbell came in and didn't even notice Anderson playing outside.  He was playing nerf guns with the neighbors and had a pretty good time even though it was dark when he came in.  Graham spent his afternoon working on the snap circuits and Reagan bounced from craft project to craft project.  
  • We had lasagna for supper-it was a "family sized" lasagna and we cleaned it up.  As in, people were asking for seconds and their were none.  We did all have our fill though and even cleaned off a pan of cornbread.  Everyone had a bit of a snack after showers and then it was time for a Shark Tank before bedtime.

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