November 19, 2014

Perler Beads and More Perler Beads!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Bible study morning here so we were up and ready pretty early.  Grahammy was the one who cleaned all of the potties last week before even being asked so I was a bit worried today about how I was going to get our chores done without my hardworking boy.  I did end up cleaning the potties since they had gotten a bit bad-that is what happens when you let 4, 6, 7 and 9 year olds clean them on a regular basis.  The kids did take care of all of our other chores.
  • Things were going splendidly this morning-Robby fed the kids breakfast and then he left and about 20 minutes later, we loaded up to head too Bible study.  Everyone was buckled, I ran to get my coke and climbed in my seat and turned the key-nothing!  Argh!  I sat there for a few minutes trying to decide what to do-so I called Robby and he came home from almost work to help out.  Nonna was waiting on us to hand off Graham so she just came on to our house.  
  • I thought about us just sitting in the car until Robby came back but I did let the kids get out so of course they ran around the house a few times before coming back inside.  Before too long, Robby was home and managed to jump the car with his car and then we were off.  Thankfully, I leave pretty early so we were only a few minutes late to Bible study.  Campbell kept saying that she would tell her teachers that our car was broke and that is why we were late.  I tried to explain that others would still be later than we were.
  • After Bible study, the car started perfectly and we went straight home.  Beebee had spent the night in the hospital last night but is back at her place so we will have to make sure we go and see her next week-I am sure she is ready to pass out her candy.  
  • Since we were home so early, we had a pretty restful afternoon.  Chicken spaghetti for lunch and then we picked up a bit.  Then Campbell, Keaton and Graham helped make Graham's food for tomorrow-turtle candy.  I actually made most of his candy since they quickly abandoned me for something else.
  • Next up was rest time for Whitman and science time for the rest of us.  It didn't take too long since one of our worksheets didn't copy so we just did it out loud and flew through that.  Then it was rest time for Keaton-she doesn't want to take a nap these days but she sure needs one.  I am just lucky that she really still loves to drink her milk at nap or she wouldn't lay down at all.  
  • The rest of us then played a few games of Uno followed by some massive perler bead making. Anderson made a huge firetruck to give away to his 3:16 Live teacher who is a fireman. Reagan made a few butterflies and Campbell finished one-Hallelujah!  She usually gives up, spills hers or only makes half of something so today was quite special.
  • I didn't get any pictures of crazy hat night at church tonight.  We were already running a bit late when the car didn't start again.  Robby tried and tried to jump it this time but it didn't work-until I had loaded everyone up in his car!  So we did take 2 cars to church tonight but that was fine since I had to run into the library (making us even later but still not that late) and then those 2 cars were needed since the big van had to be jumped again.  We all made it home safe and then it was bedtime for the crew!  

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