November 16, 2014

We all scream for ice cream!
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  • For some reason, we were scurrying around this morning a bit.  We did make it in plenty of time for church.  My Reagan has new boots (red and black pairs) from her friend and she had on a cute little red sweater that she wanted to wear her red boots with.  She was the cutest little thing but after looking at the boots, she decided she better stick with the black boots.  Both looked really good with her clothes but I spent a bit of time watching her make her boot decision-they are just growing up before my eyes.  And my Campbell was wearing the cutest little grey dress.  I hate we didn't get a picture of her but she just looked adorable today.  
  • After seeing all the grands at church and making sure that the kids had hit up everyone old man that passed out candy, it was finally time for church to start.  When we did first walk into church, Keaton spotted candy man #1 and walked toward him grinning.
  • Next up was Sunday school for everyone.  Anderson's Bible reappeared after leaving it last week at church.  Both boys got to go up on stage to play a round of musical chairs (this is a big deal).  And most importantly, Reagan and her Sunday school teachers, that would be us, had doughnuts in our class.  
  • Then it was time for lunch at Nonna's house.  The kids gobbled up the Mexican food-my Whitman loves refried beans.  You can always tell how much he enjoys food by how messy his clothes are after he eats.  The kids had some time to play for a bit (and Robby had some time to nap) before we headed home.
  • I was secretly hoping for some type of winter weather to fall or threaten falling so they would cancel church tonight.  I do love Sunday night church but a long afternoon nap would have been much better than our short afternoon nap.  Campbell was asleep before I finished looking at my phone-she quickly found her spot beside me on the couch upstairs and we would have slept until midnight if it wasn't for my alarm buzzing to stir us to get ready for church.
  • I went to my prayer group while Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell went to choir. Keaton and Whitman went out with Robby to buy some bread and milk-not because of the weather but because we were out of milk-we had even borrowed some from Nonna so we could have a successful afternoon nap time.  My shoppers did well except for Keaton having an accident which caused Robby to have to leave the long Walmart line and then rejoin it later. 
  • Campbell really does well in big church but she is much better on Sunday mornings than Sunday nights.  During the songs tonight, she was singing her heart out which I love (she knows Amazing Grace by memory) but her loud singing voice caused me to become quite tickled.  More tickled than when she leaned over to me and told me that she was going to be a drummer when she grew up.  I am sure that the preacher thinks that I am shushing him because during most of my sermon, I have my fingers on my lips telling her to be quiet.  And then to top it all off, at one point I had to say to her "we do not lick our Bibles."
  • After church, we hurried home to have our ice cream truck-I think it is a bit too cold for ice cream but the kids sure don't seem to mind.  I think I will cap my evening off with some hot chocolate instead of an ice cream sandwich.  

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