November 9, 2014

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Everybody loves ice cream truck night!

  • So last night I forget to mention this little dandy of a story...It was shower time and Keaton and Whitman were showering in the big shower.  Reagan was also downstairs finishing up.  The rest of us, mainly Robby and I, were sweating upstairs trying to quickly change the sheets on 5 beds before the little people were finished with their showers.  We had finished 2 beds when I heard those dreaded words "Mom, Whitman pooped in the shower."  So I hollered back down the stairs what any good mom would "I'm coming" and most importantly "Don't let him eat it."  
  • I flew down the stairs and opened the shower door.  Keaton was sitting on the shower stool with her feet way in the air.  And she was using her ever enlarging vocabulary to tell her brother about what he had just done.  Keaton said "that is disgusting, Whitman, disgusting" and then she added "this is serious, Whitman, very serious."  I would have to agree that this was both disgusting and serious.
  • I removed the evidence, grabbed all the shower toys for the dishwasher and cleaned the shower and then started their shower over again.  I didn't let them stay in the shower much longer but when I tried to grab Whitman out of the shower, I don't think that he wanted to shower.  I say this because he laid down on the shower floor and started licking the drain. Yep, the same shower that just had poo in it, now had my baby in it licking the floor.  I lysolled and bleached him the best I could.  I just hope things like that increase his immunity.  
  • Back to this morning, my Graham woke up early and moaned, groaned, coughed, hummed and anything else he could do to wake the rest of the house up.  He succeeded and we were all up getting out clothes on a bit earlier than usual.  That did give the kids some bonus time to fly the helicopter outside for a few minutes before church.  Of course the helicopter hit a branch and now doesn't really work-thankfully, that was back up #2 and we do have a backup #3 but that is all.
  • Church was fine this morning-it seems that if I squish Campbell to the very edge of the pew then she has a bit less room to wiggle.  At one point, I was almost sitting on top of her.  Tonight, as we were standing up singing I had my arms on each side of her and then was leaning against her-pressing her between me and the pew in front of us.  During one song, I saw her flapping her arms and quickly made her put them down-until I realized she was trying to motion to me that I was squeezing her and she could't breath.
  • After church, we had lunch at Grannymom's house.  The grownups drew names for Christmas and the kids played outside after lunch.  And soon it was time for our afternoon rest.  Keaton is getting a bit hesitant to take an afternoon nap these days but thankfully we were able to convince her.  Campbell, though, is quick to join me on the couch on Sunday afternoons.  
  • Too soon it was time to load up and head to choir.  Keaton and Whitman hung out with Robby in the coffee shop while I went to my prayer group and then it was time for big church followed by ice cream truck.  My Campbell was thrilled that she had earned her ice cream back (too many "cloudy" words and not enough "sunny" words)  Then it was bedtime for everyone-after a quick review of tonight's sermon.

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