November 17, 2014

Strike a pose...
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  • Monday's are hard around here.  No one was really stirring until after 7:30 and the only people that came in our room were quiet and cuddly.  Since the loud people stayed away, it was nearly 7:50 before we finally jumped up to work on getting Campbell to school and Robby to work.  
  • This was a big day for Campbell because she brought the snack and was the snack helper.  When she left with her packages of stick pretzels to dip in the cheese, Graham was very disappointed to see those go.  He kept asking if we could buy some of those just for home.  I told him maybe we could get some for a trip!
  • By the time that they left, the rest of us were about 20 minutes behind in school and we never really caught up.  It did help everyone's mood since we had leftover doughnuts from Sunday to eat.  Everyone had a whole doughnut, a half and then a fourth (poor Campbell only got in on the whole doughnut because she had to leave before I divided up the others.)  
  • There was only one melt down during school-Graham.  He recovered after a few minutes and thankfully didn't fall apart again when I told him that he lost his kindle for the day.  Tonight his daddy told him that if that happens tomorrow, he will lose his kindle for 3 days-that will be a little harder to swallow for him.  Sometimes he just falls apart over tiny things.  Today it was working on his writing but if he misses too many math problems, he will just lose it-almost like he can miss 3 or 4 fine but if it is more than that, I have to tell him about them at different times.
  • Whitman had a great morning nap-I think that he was tired from yesterday.  I wished that I could have taken a morning nap with him.  But after a phone call or two, we were even further behind in school.  I did some speed reading and did finish in time for a later than normal lunch.  
  • After lunch, everyone helped me clean up some and then it was free time.  I ran around doing some extra chores (getting my Christmas ornaments ready-when you buy a can of spam and a sack of flour to hang on your tree, you have to start early deciding how to properly hang these things)  Then it was nap time for the crew-Whitman went right down which was surprising because of his morning nap.  But he does had a yucky nose right now so he probably has or is getting over a cold.  
  • My Keaton also had a good afternoon nap.  I mentioned Whitman's ailments, now to Keatons: After her shower tonight, her bottom is bright red.  Same pjs, same diaper, same panties, same everything so I have to figure it is excema.  And then her little face has excema all over it.  It wasn't too bad this morning but was really bad tonight.  I am going to have to be diligent about doctoring her up because right now she is excema girl.  (Whitman has it a some too but not nearly as bad at Kea.  I probably should check Anderson's legs since he never tells me if he is itchy)
  • When they woke up, we had time for snacks and soon Campbell and Robby were home.  Keaton and I were just finishing up making some rolls for supper-I don't think they rose enough and were pretty heavy (but still good.)  Then we all chowed down on some chicken spaghetti.  That is our current favorite meal-any meal that 8 people all like is a winner! 
  • After supper, the big kids did a bit of perler beading and the littles had a shower and then played in the toy room some.  Keaton and Campbell played kitchen "very well together"-Campbell's words.  And Whitman loves the toy room these days-it is like his own personal Toys R Us-he could stay up there for hours as long as he sees someone every few minutes.  
  • Next up was a few movies-we are loving the Right Now Media from church.  Robby usually can find us some kiddie movie about the Bible stories that we are reading about.  And then it was bedtime for the kids, blog time for me and Kroger time for Robby.  

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