November 1, 2014

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Celebrating Thanksgiving in the country...

  • Last night I had said that today was Thanksgiving and it was our first Thanksgiving celebration.  It is my favorite holiday after all so that is why we start celebrating early around here. We had a bit of time before needing to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa.  But that bit of time quickly flew by and by the time we left, I was shouting at the kids "you have 10 minutes to eat that and get in the car" and then "you have 2 minutes to finish that before getting into the car."  
  • Even after gas and a redbox stop, we still made it to pick up Grannymom and Grandpa and then started our ride to Ozark.  This was thanksgiving with Robby's grandmother's family.  Last year there was a houseful and we ate on the covered porch-this year, it was too cold to stay out for very long but the cold doesn't stop the kids so they ate out their again this year.  
  • There was lots of food-lots and lots of food-and even though there were lots of people, there was still plenty of food left over.  I have never seen so many desserts in one place actually. There was one apple pie made in a skillet-oh, my delicious.  And there was also dressing with raisins in it (might have been golden raisins) but it was great as well.  Hmm, maybe next year I should bring a to go plate and fill it up.  Though I did come home with a few dozen leftovers of my cookies and a crock pot full of my warm fruit that I made.  
  • They were worried about the kids there being bored so they had a soccer ball which was a huge hit with my crew.  But what was huge, huge was that they rented a bouncy and other than one other kiddo Whitman's size, my kids had the bouncy all to their selves.  On the way home, Graham said that this was the "best day ever."
  • The kids were a bit restless on the way there but on the way home 5/6ths of them were calm. My Whitman fussed a good distance-he was just so tired to go to sleep (just like he is right now)  Finally, we did got to sleep about at Conway! Once at home, we quickly worked in the car, unloaded our things from the day and put the crew into the showers.  
  • As we left, the kids were given a coloring book and crayons.  They all colored and colored on the way home but they continued coloring at home before and after their showers.  Once showers were taken, our pizza was almost ready and we all piled into the living room to watch the hogs play.  
  • My boys love watching the razorbacks and could watch football for hours.  My girls really could care less.  Right now, it is bedtime but we are letting them stay up during some of the second half and my boys are sitting perfectly still taking it all in (since we are having to be quiet because Whitman is trying to go to sleep) and my girls are acting like we are punishing them by making them stay in the living room quietly or go upstairs to bed.  
  • I was just looking at a friends picture of her kids and noticed my backside in the picture.  I commented on my hair-it really looked lighter that I thought it was.  I turned my computer to Robby and asked if my hair always looked like that.  Graham saw it and said "wait, did you take a shower that morning?  Cause you don't look like that all of the time."  Got to love them!  
  • And while we are sitting here watching football, most of the kids are wearing feetie pajamas.  It is pretty cold in the house and we will try not to turn on all the heat (though we have already turned on 1 of the 3).  Anyway, Robby is covered up with a blanket and I think that his teeth might even be chattering.  But my Anderson has his pajamas unzipped at the top-he so reminds me of Papaw Hasley.  He would always wear coveralls and the top few buttons would be unbuttoned.  
  • The game is now tied and the kids are pretty restless so I doubt that they will be up much longer.  Or maybe I will be the one going to bed early tonight!
  • Well, the kids made it all the way through game. And as Anderson said, "Oh, it was so close..." But life goes on and we've got another day tomorrow so all were quickly put to bed, changes moved back an hour we are not too far behind them.

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