November 6, 2014

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Thank you, Thank you very much. I'll be here all week!

  • Even though Whitman didn't feel to good last week, bedtime went well but soon after that, the poor baby woke up.  He was upset so we let him join us on the couch. We watched tv until Whitman fell asleep in my lap.  He doesn't usually sleep in my arms but it was my favorite part of the day...but not my favorite part of the night.
  • Just about as soon as we went to bed, he woke back up and was upset again.  We tried to put him in bed with us but he eventually climbed down and took me by the hand to the living room.  I think he was really trying to look for everyone else but since they weren't downstairs we slept off and on all night on the couch.  At 5, I gingerly put him in his bed and tiptoed to my bed.  I was surprised to see the time and did feel like we had slept decently. 
  • Robby took Campbell to school and Keaton went along for the ride.  The rest of us started school.  I tried not to nag Anderson since it took him over an hour to do 20 math problems today.  I just let him work-well, I did make him leave the school room a few times (my kids are physically unable to be in a room alone-craziness) so he wouldn't be as distracted.  
  • The morning seemed to fly by and soon we were all in cars leaving again.  This time Robby and the kids were going to pick Campbell up from school and I had the privilege of going to the dentist.  That is my least favorite place to go-my dad always said that he would rather have a vasectomy than going to the dentist and I completely understand that.  
  • When Robby came home with everyone else it was almost lunch time.  But first they did finish some school work-all of them had something to work with Campbell on.  Graham had to work with Campbell on her sight words and Reagan led Keaton and Campbell on doing their weekly readers.  
  • I wasn't home for too long before it was time to load up Whitman for his doctor's appointment. Keaton again came along for the ride.  After Whitman didn't sleep last night, we were both pretty convinced that he had at least one ear infection.  We were wrong-the doctor said he must just have a fever virus.  I am glad he doesn't have an ear infection but would have been pleased to know what was wrong and get some meds.  But my baby feels really bad-at least he is still eating and drinking some but a lot less.  Right now he is laying in his bed fussing. Hopefully his tylenol will soon kick in and he can rest well tonight-otherwise it might just be a long night for Robby!  :)
  • Not a whole lot happened this afternoon.  Anderson decided to go outside and we slowly urged all of the kids to follow him.  Reagan was the only one who we didn't make go-mainly because she was happily playing by herself.  My Campbell and Keaton follow me around all afternoon so they needed some time away from me and I also needed some time away from them.  But the only way to get them to go out happily was to send Whitman out too.
  • If Whitman is out and I am not, I have to lay my eyes on him every few minutes.  The last time I had looked out, Robby was outside but the next time, I couldn't see them through the window and wasn't really sure where Robby was.  So I went outside-no sign of Robby or Whitman but I did see Graham on his bike.  Then I heard him crying to his Daddy "but I want to go inside." Robby, Anderson and Whitman were going on a walk/bike ride and Robby was making Graham ride down to the end of our road-where the dogs live.  That child has become so terrified of dogs lately.  Robby got him passed the dogs but he was still pretty skittish during their bike ride even though they weren't around.  
  • Back inside, we had our supper and then it was time for showers for all.  We had a bit of time to spare so we were able to watch 3 Bible story movies before reading our Bible story.  And to make things even better, when we watched our movies everyone had some candy-big time stuff!

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