November 30, 2014

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Cheesing it up!

  • Last night, after we had spent some time in the attic looking and listening for "the sound" from last night, we ended up back on the couch.  When we got up to go to bed, Robby started putting his computer up and when he did, his computer cord slithered by my leg and I as I jumped onto the edge of the couch I let out a yelp that would have woken up the neighbors.  You can probably imagine that I slept with my legs under the covers and my ears covered tightly so no animal could get me (though Robby assures me there is not an animal in this house.)
  • Church was this morning and for donuts my children will always quickly come to the bar to eat.  I think that they devoured their dozen donuts from Pops yesterday and made a good start on Robby's dozen from Shipleys. Robby did save me a chocolate filled doughnut and if you haven't had a Shipleys chocolate filled doughnut, then you should really go have one tomorrow.
  • The kids were happy to see all of the grands on the way to big church and to their classes.  My Whitman walks right into his class and Keaton does as well.  Campbell is the one lately who needs a bit of conjoling to go into her class.  
  • After Sunday school, we had BBQ at Nonna's house and the kids had time to play for a bit while Robby snoozed and I looked at the sale papers.  Nothing in those papers called out to me today but I still have 5 people to buy for and all of the kids need one more present.  No need to panic yet!-though it is probably time to start wrapping.
  • Once at home, we still did our normal Sunday afternoon schedule even though we had no Sunday night services.  I did wake up to make some more pumpkin bread and might even make some pumpkin muffins tomorrow-I am feeling very Ma Ingalls-ish.  The boys and Robby eventually went outside to throw the football around some.
  • This meant showers for all and then supper.  We did finish off those 149 rolls from Thanksgiving tonight and my Graham was pretty disappointed that they were gone.  There is always next year!  
  • The kids played their kindles some tonight while the boys watched a bit of football before bed.

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