November 14, 2014

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Go Hogs Go!

  • Well, Tara was off to a field trip (kid-free) this morning so this post is written by Robby.  For a full write on Tara's field trip to Moss Mountain Farm, click here.)
  • Before she left, Tara did get up for a morning run so I felt guilty and ran soon afterwards and she fed the kids breakfast before sneaking out.  (Well, she didn't really sneak out but not big good-byes for Whitman or that might have set him off to know Mom would be gone all day.)
  • I took a day of vacation from work to watch the kids and for the most part managed to not even check email --- because I was busy being school day.  It's probably a good thing for a dad of home school children to do every once awhile - the appreciation meter for your wife will go through the roof.  
  • The kids actually do school on their own pretty good.  They were working their way through the boxes sooner than I could tell them do another box.  Although, the boys would ask every once in awhile, "Are we going to have to do every box since Mom is gone?"  Now Tara had told me this was on the calendar as a 'free day' but I figured it was best we had somewhat of a normal schedule since she would be gone all day.  I was checking answers on math sheets for every one -- I did sneak out the calculator a few times to double check. The kids worked through their math, phonics, typing, reading while Campbell and Keaton were making birthday cards for anyone they could think of.
  • Whitman went down for a nap around 11:00 and we finished up most of the school work by noon and then it was time for lunch. I told Graham he could pick the lunch menu today and he picked grill cheese.  He asked if I had the secret sauce. Unbeknownst to me until a few years ago, Tara's mom has always made grill cheese with a bit of mayonnaise. Well, we were out of mayonnaise today so I picked the next closest looking condiment -- ranch dressing. Guess what?  No one noticed.  But maybe because i used a stick of butter to make six sandwiches. 
  • Meanwhile, Tara is sending me pictures of her Sweet potato salad with grilled chicken plate and pecan pie with fresh whipped topping. So the kids and i decided we would send her a picture of our grilled cheese, grapes and Ruffles potato chips.
  • Whitman and I were still finishing lunch when we heard Grannymom and Grandpa come in -- and they even came with dessert!  Grannymom said Grandpa said he wished they had an excuse to come see the kids (BTW, they never need an excuse) but Grannymom said she could whip up a dessert.  The kids sure enjoyed the treat plus they even talked Grannymom in playing a game of dominoes and read a book.  Whitman did not want Grannymom to go but it was soon nap time for he and Keaton.
  • The big kids played their kindles during nap time and right before movie time, Keaton decided she was ready to get up and join the big kids for movies. Actually, she and Campbell only watched movies until snack was over which was during the second movie. Then they decided they would follow me but soon they decided that wasn't fun as following mom around so they headed upstairs to get the tent out.
  • Tara called and said she was on her way home - so we had to kick it in gear to pick up our mess. Plus, we all had to change from our pjs to clothes for our tailgate party tonight.  We did get the downstairs picked up but Tara discovered tonight that we didn't make it upstairs.
  • Soon we were all loading up for dinner out at the Penningtons with the McGuires.  We started the football weekend a bit early with an indoor tailgate party since Jaymie was cooking up a big pot of gumbo along with cheese dip, hot dogs and Razorback macaroni and cheese. Everyone wear their Hog gear and we watched a previous Hogs vs. LSU game before the kids took over with the Wii.
  • The kids changed into their pjs and then we headed home in time for Bible story and then it was lights out!

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