November 2, 2014

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Checking out the fish tank at church...

  • Even though we had an extra hour of sleep last night, Robby and I could have snoozed for another hour or two.  However, during our whole clock change discussion they some how understood that they were to wake up at 6.  So at 6ish this morning, children started arising from their beds and thankfully, going to the toy room to play.  Keaton was the only one who climbed in bed with us but after a while she also got bored with us and headed back upstairs to play.
  • We quickly put on our church clothes and then headed out the door.  My littlest thinker, Keaton, was making sure that we knew that no one had eaten supper this morning.  Then she said "are we going to eat supper in the car?"  I assured her that we most definitely were going to eat breakfast some where.
  • We did have our breakfast in the car-McDonalds today.  I tell you Robby and I can distribute 2 big breakfasts with pancakes and another order of pancakes like pros.  The kids were delighted with their pancakes, biscuits, sausage, eggs and potato cakes.  I also enjoyed my sausage biscuit but afterwards, all I could think about during church was brushing my teeth.
  • That is the truth, I really was thinking about only brushing my teeth during the church service until Anderson none too quietly shouted at his sister "stop it!"  That snapped me out of my brushing teeth thoughts.  I grabbed one of Anderson's arm and Robby grabbed the other one.  I was whispering in one ear while I am sure that Robby was whispering in the other ear.  Now in the boys defense, his sister had probably pushed him over the edge.  My Reagan smiles so sweetly but she is pretty sneaky-she had been moving Anderson's Bible underneath him so he would sit on it when he sat down.  Yes, this caused our big scene in church today-all is well now...probably except for the bruises now on Anderson's arms.  
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house today.  When my Whitman runs into Nonna's house he runs right to the counter and started pointing and grunting until he receives a drink.  Then he drinks and drinks until he isn't hungry at all.  He did finally find some room in his little tummy for some fruit before deciding that he was done for lunch.  The kids had some time to play before we headed home for naps!  
  • Naps for Robby and I!  The kids all went upstairs and watched Frozen and it ended at the exact time that I was going upstairs to tell the kids to get ready.  They were all singing "Let It Go" as loud as they could so I joined them while singing my own song "It's Time to Go!"
  • Choir was tonight and then big church.  Church on Sunday nights has almost become comical to me-the kids are tired and restless and it definitely shows.  At one time, I looked over and thought Anderson mighy possibly be having a seizure but no, he was just jerking his shoulders along with the music.  I calmed him down in time to look over at Campbell who seemed to be flashing gang signs to Bro. Jon.  I put her hands down and then she started working on her shoes-every Sunday night she takes her shoes on and off over and over. 
  • We did all survive church tonight without any new bruises so I guess that was a good thing. Keaton and Whitman ended up going home with Grannymom and they were ready to go.  But my others were ready to go home so they could enjoy their Sunday night ice cream!

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