November 29, 2014

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First signs of Christmas!

  • This morning the boys were a bit on the anxious side. They came downstairs right after 7 and all they could think about was doing 2 school boxes so they could start playing on their kindles.  Last night, we put a few new games on their kindles and I am surprised that they were able to sleep thinking about those new games (probably should have saved that for Christmas morning).  
  • We wouldn't let them go and wake up Whitman so they could start on school, so they laid with us, paced around our room and even stared at us-for over an hour! Seriously, it was the oddest thing ever.  It was almost like they were caged animals-one standing on one side of our bed and the other on the other side.  As soon as they heard poor Whitman, they were in his room scribbling out their school work as fast as they could.  
  • Soon breakfast was served and then I climbed in the shower.  My Keaton was a bit lost with Campbell spending the night at Nonna and Pops' house but she managed just fine and took Whitman under her wing.  As I was in the shower, I heard her and Whitman walk by and she called to me "we are going on an adventure."  She didn't really say "adventure" but did say some form of the work that took me about 3 minutes to understand.  Then I heard her shout "there's an elephant."  I was about to be highly offended but they had already left the bathroom and were in my closet so they couldn't have been taking about me.
  • We didn't really do much this morning-the boys mostly played on their kindles.  Reagan did this too but she has really been into her doll house lately.  Which is great except that her 1 year old brother also loves her dollhouse.  So she spends a lot of her time going upstairs after him to arrange all of the pieces in their proper places again.
  • Things were pretty calm this morning and we were getting ready to leave when Whitman walked into the kitchen.  I scooped him up to take him to put on his clothes but I must not have realized that he was coming to tell me something-at least I hope that he was.  I walked into the living room and saw a 2 liter of coke exploding (right behind my 4 other children sitting on the couch-seriously, their hair was probably getting wet.)  I dropped Whitman, picked up the coke and ran to the sink spraying Robby on the way.  
  • I guess the coke hit at the perfect spot and there was a tiny puncture that started spraying out. Thankfully, it was only leaking while laying on the floor but once I grabbed it up and ran it to the sink, it really started spewing.  We were able to contain the mess to the floor and not on the ceiling.  That would have been a real mess!  
  • We cleaned all of that up and then my little angel was squirting lotion on the floor.  Gotta love him!  We then put him in the safest spot-his car seat and headed on our errands.  Our first stop was to pick up Campbell-she had a big evening and morning.  She even brought us a dozen donuts for breakfast tomorrow.
  • Our next stop though was still for donuts-since today was small business Saturday, one of Robby's credit cards was giving you money to shop at small business (up to 60 bucks on our two cards-10 dollars a place).  So he bought himself a few chocolate filled donuts which we snacked on all day long.  
  • Then we grabbed a pizza and went to Grandpa's house to eat it.  After our small business pizza, we ran to another pizza place to buy a few gift cards to help offset the cost of Campbell's party.  Then it was to Sams to order cupcakes for Campbell's party (Hello Kitty-of course) and we also ate a few samples.  
  • Next up, Robby and the kids went back to Grandpa's house to take their Christmas card picture while I ran to one more store to use our small business money and then to Kroger to spend all of the money that we got for free today.  Once I picked the crew up, we headed home for some speed Christmas decorating.
  • We were working fast because Whitman was napping and we wanted to finish as much as we could while he was asleep.  The kids still love decorating their Christmas tree in their room.  It was a highlight for them and they worked and worked.  My poor tree has lights and about 15 ornaments (my new ones from this year were in another spot-I love my new ornaments (bag of flour, can of Spam, model T)
  • We heated up some rolls and put meat and cheese in them-we are still working on the 74 rolls for Thanksgiving and will be finished with them in just a few days.  The kids stayed up a bit later watching us work and then we worked a bit more after they went to bed so the night as flown by!
  • Blog update (evening adventure): Robby was walking through the mudroom and he called "come here."  Yep, an animal sound somewhere in or too near this house.  Eeek!  We listened there and then crept to the attic nearest the sound with broom and flashlight in hand.  Robby warned me that if he screamed like a girl, I would know he found something-I stayed near the attic door just in case.  He found no evidence of an animal so then he went outside to start looking.  No luck so crossing our fingers it was nothing but more investigating will have to be done in the daylight.
  • Blog update (something I forgot): I am usually pretty easy going and hardly ever cross (for real) but Robby said that I gave him the dirtiest look ever today.  I will agree that I did probably shoot him a nasty glance when he put a stranger in my car.  Seriously, we were at the gas station and some man in pajama pants started talking to Robby. The next thing I know, the man was getting in the row with the boys.  I am pretty sure they were giving their father the "what in the world" look too.  The man had locked his keys in his car at the gas station and asked for a ride to Knollwood to get his keys (since my Dad had just been ran home to get jumper cables from a gas station, Robby thought he would pay it forward.)  I wasn't too sure of this idea but Robby did say that there wasn't anywhere for him to put a weapon since he did have on pajama pants.  I did what any good lady would do when a strange man gets in your car, picked up my phone and got it ready to dial-just one more 1 and I would have completed my phone call!  Actually, he was a nice Mormon man and even knew our neighbors.  Oddest thing about the whole incident, is that the kids never asked why the man was in the car nor did they mention it ever again throughout the day.  

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