November 18, 2014

"Mom, is it okay if I don't wear my shirt during school?"
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  • Another day of us sleeping as late as we could.  I really don't even remember who climbed into our bed this morning but do know that I could have slept another hour or two.  But we again jumped up and scurried around to get Campbell ready for school.  Not only did we have to get her clothes on but we had to have time for at least to eat her yogurt.  She was able to take her toast and eat it on the way to school.
  • The rest of us worked on school.  One day the kids finish late and the next day they finish early-I will just never understand it.  We did have less together work today (because I am out of read aloud books-don't worry, library day is tomorrow) Graham was probably in a hurry to get finished with school because he was headed to Nonna's house for the evening.  If he asked me once during the day when Nonna would come, he asked me 50 times. 
  • Before lunch, I quickly made the soup for supper and then I cooked up what I am best known for-sandwiches. The kids have taken to telling people who their favorite cooks are.  Both boys agreed that their Great Aunt Sonia is their favorite, followed by Grannymom and Nonna (their number 2 and number 3 spots switch around), then their Daddy is the next favorite cook and sometimes Pops even makes the list before me.  I have asked why I am so low down on the list and they always say "all you can make are sandwiches."  (I did make their supper tonight-soup and not a sandwich.)
  • This afternoon we straightened the house some and before too long, Campbell and Nonna were over.  Campbell had good day at school and lots of fun at Nonna's house.  When Graham saw Nonna, he went to get his back pack and was ready to leave.  But she couldn't go just yet-she had to help us make a few things.  First, Nonna gave me a lesson on how to make veggie soup.  The girls helped some (Campbell did slice her finger pretty good while peeling a potato).  And then we worked on getting Anderson's potatoes ready for Thursday. (Remember, since I am the 6th best cook they know, Anderson picked Nonna's mashed potatoes to make for Thursday.)
  • When Graham and Nonna did leave, Whitman had a nap and so did I.  Actually, I don't think laying on the couch for 15 minutes with people talking to you the entire time can actually count as a nap.  When my timer rang, I jumped up and started working to get things ready for supper. Grannymom and Grandpa came over for supper and we had delicious new crock pot recipe (which I, the 6th best cook, made.)
  • After supper the kids played a few games-including Happy and you know it, Simon Says, Mastermind and Uno.  Whitman was a bit distraught when Grannymom and Grandpa left-he stood at the front door for the longest trying to open it.  He did give us quite a scare when he reached up and tried to turn the lock-we sure don't need for him to know how to get out of this place.  
  • And then it was bedtime for the crew.  We didn't read our Bible story tonight since Grahammy was gone.  Tomorrow is a busy day so the crew needs their sleep.

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