November 21, 2014

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Cash comes to spend the night!

  • Fridays are mom's choice for our breakfast menu and it is hard to come up with something that will please everyone. Robby suggested cinnamon rolls but after checking the fridges, I found that we were all out of those.  So I did make blueberry muffins which caused Keaton to lay in the floor and start her first fit of the day.  
  • Surprisingly though everyone, including Keaton, ate their muffins.  Well, I don't know if Whitman really ate his-sometimes he pitches his food off of his high chair tray and he has a pretty good arm so sometimes his food is found far, far away and much later!
  • Today for school, I had only asked the kids to do 5 of their boxes-things were going splendidly until Anderson's spelling added a new twist.  Usually he just has word after word to spell and then multiple sentences to spell.  But now each lesson has 5 words to spell and then to use in sentences that he makes up.  This caused tears and gnashing of teeth.  Seriously, that boy can not think outside of the box at all and on the other side of the room, we have Reagan who is doing the same thing with her spelling words and says that this is her favorite thing ever.
  • When everyone did finish school, we watched a video on Degas and did our artist of the month.  The boys were the only ones who hadn't painted on a canvas so it was one of their turns-I picked Anderson but unfortunately, our pictures of Degas was of a ballerina since Degas loved painting ballerinas.  Anderson was not too pleased with this at all.
  • Soon it was lunch and then time to do a bit of reading.  I am trying to finish the last of the Sarah, Plain and Tall books and maybe even another one before December.  Then the kids had some time to play on their kindles before movie time.  Whitman didn't care at all about taking his nap but Keaton wasn't too thrilled but she did eventually comply.  
  • After movies, Robby was home and we had supper-leftovers for everyone.  Not just leftovers but practically everyone had different leftovers-it was pretty complicated to fix everyone's plates but at least the fridge was clean when we were finished.  Right after supper, Dana text and asked if Reagan wanted to spend the night and we asked Cash if he wanted to.  This caused much excitement around our house-Reagan quickly packed up and then Robby loaded everyone up to go and meet Dana for the kid switch.
  • Cash and the boys played their kindles, played remote control cars, played Duck Dynasty, played tag and played until bedtime-no one was tired but it was still bedtime.  Tomorrow is a big day around here and I have lots of work to do to pull it all off!

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