November 23, 2014

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Beginning of Thanksgiving Week!

  • At 3, we heard Keaton screaming for us.  I trudged up the stairs to see what she needed and she just needed me to cover her back up.  I made a mental note that tonight she should wear feetie pajamas so she wouldn't get cold if she became uncovered-I forgot that tonight though.
  • After coming down, enough time had passed for Robby and I to go back to sleep when she called us again.  This time Robby went and she needed for him to fix her baby dolls sitting at the end of her bed. These are things you never thought you would have to do when you have kids-cover up baby dolls in the middle of the night.
  • Church this morning and we had to be there early, early because Robby was helping serve the Lord's supper.  We scurried around and left in a hurry but then made it to church about 10 minutes early-we are early or late, never on time.  This did give us some time to find Nonna in the hallway, run up and down the halls, play a video game and a few rounds of air hockey before big church.
  • We sat in a different spot today so Robby could sit with us-I didn't like it at all!  Too close and on the other side of the church.  I think we were only just about 4 more rows closer than usual but it was too close for me.  The kids were fine in church and the plate of grape juice was not spilled as it passed by us (my fear!)
  • Next up was Sunday school and I was the only one in our class since Robby was serving again and the Hawkins were out of town.  Thankfully, there were only 12 kids and I managed fine-should have fed them and things would have gone ever smoother!  
  • Then we had lunch at Grannymom's house.  Anderson brought his nerf gun so that caused all kinds of excitement.  Pizza and apple cake were on the menu and after lunch, it was soon time to go home for a quick nap before heading back to church.
  • I am not sure what all the kids did during nap-I know Anderson worked on building one of his new toys, Reagan and Campbell played with Anderson's new dominoes and Graham played nerf guns along with watching a movie.  All too soon, my alarm was ringing and it was time to scurry around and get ready to leave.
  • The big 4 had choir-their last practice before caroling in 2 Sunday mornings and singing that night in big church.  Keaton knew she was going to cookie club and was excited about that-but she spent most of her time in the bathroom (3 trips-just because she could!)
  • Then it was time for church again where Campbell asked loudly 2 different times "is it over now?"  Kind of odd since this morning when the preacher stood up, she said "this is my favorite part."  Maybe she thought he was about to dismiss everyone.
  • After church, we came home for ice cream and I took a few pictures of Whitman trying to show off his craft that he made at church.  At first he would look at it and smile and then he started to grab it and throw it across the room.  I had every intention of taking a picture of the rest of the kids but didn't.  I should probably walk up the stairs and take a picture or two of their sleeping faces but we actually had a few pictures from Anderson's birthday party that we forgot to post yesterday.

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