November 5, 2014

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Think she knows she's cute?

  • Busy day here and my Graham was on top of things. Before I had even stumbled out of bed, he came running through with his math pages.  As he was sitting in the floor of my bathroom working, I tried to explain that he did not have to do his math right then.  That didn't stop him. He finished his math and then started on his chores-actually, the first chore that he did was putting up legos for Campbell and Keaton.
  • The next thing I knew, Reagan was dressed and brushing her teeth and this is when I knew that I needed to get moving myself or they might just leave me here.  We had a quick breakfast of poptarts-not really sure how we have gotten so off of our food schedule.  (Graham even convinced me to have cookies today instead of the scheduled nuts and cheese sticks.)  
  • We left soon after Robby because of the rain.  And it was still raining pretty good when we arrived at Bible study.  I dropped the kids off and they all walked together and stood by the stroller while I parked the car.  Today was a big day for Keaton because she got to practice her song in Big Church-they are getting ready for their Christmas performance.  
  • It was still raining at the end of Bible study but the kids didn't want to wait on me to bring the car-actually, they wanted to get wet.  That was fine with me-I had Reagan hold the umbrella and Anderson pushed the stroller so they could keep Whitman dry.  Reagan and Anderson were thrilled with their jobs so I just put my hood up and tried to keep everyone moving and together.
  • We had lots of crackers in the car-so many in fact that I called it lunch.  When we did get home after Beebees, Graham asked what was for lunch and I asked him if he was hungry.  He said no, so I kind of just let lunch slip by.  Seriously though, they did have a lot of crackers!  And then at Beebee's place, she had them each individual bags of candy that they devoured.  My Whitman saw the candy and started asking for his own-which he did get.
  • By the end of Beebee's visit, Whitman was starting to fuss.  I am not sure if his teeth are bothering him or if he just has a bit of a fever virus.  But he was warm and just not settled.  He did finally take a nap once we came home and then was fairly happy when he woke up.  We sent him to Nonna's house while the rest of us went to church tonight.
  • The kids had fun at church tonight but we were tired.  I don't think that time change has agreed to well with us.  When it was time to pick Whitman up, I went in and he was busy playing with the cash register toy.  He looked at me and just laid down in front of his toy.  I then told him that Reagan was in the car-he didn't move.  I said that Anderson was in the car-he didn't move.  I then tried to tell him that Grahammy was in the car and he did sit up.  But when I said Campbell was in the car, they boy flew to the front door.  He loves him some Campbell.

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