November 11, 2014

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Official Egg Cracker for brownies!

  • I was determined to get up first this morning and exercise - so I changed the sound of my alarm.  Not sure it will work tomorrow but I can check off exercise today.  As I was coming back downstairs, the first round of kids were coming to look for me.  Everyone was up except for  Reagan. (She's our sleeper.)
  • Yogurt and toast were on the menu this morning - everyone finished up and then wandered back upstairs to see who could build the tallest tower. It was time for Campbell to leave before they left so she asked me to call Robby to let him know if the girls or boys tower was the tallest. (Girls won - but I might have helped a bit.)
  • School was next and everyone plowed through their work.  One of Reagan's writing exercise was to write 4 or 5 sentences.  She chose to write Robby and I a pretty convincing story of why we should change assigned seats in the van. (Not surprisingly, it would place her next to Whitman - everyone's favorite place to be.)
  • After lunch, everyone took care of their chores.  Nonna brought Campbell home just as Keaton was heading to nap -- but Campbell headed right upstairs to tell her not to go to sleep because Nonna was here.  So she skipped her nap and played with Campbell. Between snack and movie time, the afternoon passed quickly and soon Robby was home.
  • My plan tonight was to head to Conway for a Bunko-night out supper at Tacos for Life But soon plans began crumbling as different folks couldn't come - I quickly text the remaining ones and pleaded with them for a night out.  (Well, it didn't take too much convincing.)  Plans did change a bit - we ended up at Bravo (which meant no drive to Conway although i was looking forward to trying something new).  Then after supper, had enough time to visit HomeGoods for the first time since they opened in Little Rock.
  • Back at home, Robby cooked up supper (and for some reason decided to clean out the freezer. It is nice and tidy now though.)  Fish and corn on the cob were on the menu. Then everyone picked up, took showers, helped make brownies and settled in for another episode of Shark Tank.  Whitman stayed up to watch almost all of it as he munched on cereal (probably since he didn't eat too much of his supper.)  Robby made the kids wait until Whitman went to bed before serving up the brownies. I don't think he wanted to give Whitman another shower tonight.
  • Of course, the brownies were devoured and everyone shared a can of Mt. Dew (sure they will sleep just fine.) Teeth brushed and Bible story time -- still reading about Elisha. Everyone was in bed by 8:45 and sounds like they went  to sleep quickly.

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