November 13, 2014

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Stay warm by the heater on a chilly day!
  • This morning the kids all ended up in the bonus room bright and early.  I wasn't up there this morning because I opted to spend my early morning in bed rather than on the treadmill.  I should feel guilty about it but I do not one bit!  
  • Soon though I was up in the bonus room too but not for the treadmill but to help the boys.  Anderson was working on his knex.  They have always been kept in the bonus room and he has never really been to interested them but lately, Robby printed out some step by step directions and that has increased his interest in them.  So I was called to help him with a few of the steps to build his crane (it didn't get finished though because Campbell was leaving and that meant school time)
  • And up there, Graham found his legos that he has never completed from his birthday.  So he started working on those which I was also able to help him with.  I guess that I am glad that I do not mind working with legos/building things-those I can do but please don't ask me to help with rainbow looms.  Actually, yesterday Reagan pulled out her knit a scarf kit.  We were able to figure out how to cast on but then when it came to actually knitting-I had not a clue despite watching a few videos.  Reagan eventually told me that it was okay and she just wanted to sew on the sewing machine.
  • Once my sweet Campbell left, the rest of us tried to figure out what to do with Robby gone on a Thursday.  I won't be home tomorrow so Robby will be here to hold down the fort so he didn't work from home today but went in to the office.  We had our breakfast in the school room as we worked and I rushed the kids to finish-but they were in quite a hurry because I told them if they were done with school then they could go and play in the snow.
  • This morning when I woke up, I told Robby there was snow outside-he asked me what I said about 10 times before he realized that I was talking about.  All of the kids had noticed and for about 8 minutes before we left to pick up Campbell, everyone was outside playing.  They probably would have had more time to play if they would not have continued coming in to get hats, gloves and scarfs.
  • We picked up our sweet Campbell and as soon as I pulled into the driveway, everyone wanted out of the car.  They all played outside while I unloaded the car and made lunch.  Reagan was the first to come inside and huddled by the heater as she read her book.  Robby pulled out the heater last night and I told him that I would never see Reagan again in the school room-she just sits right in front of it doing her school work.  
  • So Reagan was inside and everyone else was in and out.  I had brought Whitman in and he had been in the kitchen with me but then, I realized the door was open and I didn't know where he was.  I called his name and he usually does make some noise when he hears his name but there was nothing.  So I went outside and he wasn't in the garage and the kids were on the other side of the house on the tree house.  I looked down one side of the house and then the other and no Whitman.  I ran back inside asking (nice term for yelling for) Reagan and Graham who were both inside to help me look for him.  I was nearing the panicked stage and zoomed up to the toy room to see that boy happily playing with the Little People farm.  
  • Whenever Whitman thought someone else was upstairs today, he would climb those stairs and sit down in front of that farm and play and play.  I am quite surprised at this.  I even heard him pick up a horse and neigh.  My baby is growing up.  
  • More in and out and eventually, I did serve up lunch.  I figured since Graham was outside with a hole in his pants and a hole in shoe and since Anderson had socks on his hands as gloves (don't buy us gloves for Christmas-we have plenty) that I should probably go ahead and call them into the warm house.  I had thought a yummy bowl of soup would have been perfect for the day but a sandwich is what we had!  
  • After lunch, we cleaned some and then a few kids even headed back outside for a bit.  Then there was kindle time and even science time.  I have been lacking in my science doing.  Our science this year is really good and probably a bit too simple so I do feel like Campbell needs to hear it.  But she is home late on Mondays and Tuesdays, Wednesdays are just tiring and by Thursday I am getting lazy so Fridays have been the only days we have been doing science.  I still should be able to finish by the end of the year...I hope!
  • After our science and reading, the kids watched movies while Keaton and Whitman napped.  Nap time was late so I had to wake both of them up for supper.  Robby was still gone so I read during supper and then my crew helped straighten the house again-that would be our 432nd time to straighten today.  
  • We watched a tv show and then it was teeth brushing time.  Robby made it home just in time to read the Bible story and then it was bedtime for all!

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