November 26, 2014

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Something happened to my teeth!

  • Oh these children keep waking up earlier and earlier or maybe they just keep getting louder and louder.  This morning, my sweet Keaton did come down the stairs and to our bed showing us a lego masterpiece that she had built.  I encouraged her to go back and add more to it since it was so pretty.  That worked and bought us a few more minutes to hang out in bed. 
  • (Goodness, I think every morning I mention us trying to sleep while the kids are up-no, we are not ill nor do we need any plexus or advocare or anything else you would like to sell us. We just need to go to bed before 1 each night.)
  • We did get Whitman since he was talking and he climbed around on top of us for a good 10 minutes before leaving to play with the others.  Soon, it was breakfast time and I served up waffles.  My freezer checker said that we were out of pancakes (though I probably should have looked myself).  Pretty much every time we eat, I have to have someone go to the garage fridge to gather something-usually another gallon of milk.  We are down to less than 1 a day so maybe we can hold off on buying that cow!
  • I did have the kids do a few school boxes today.  I think that I am going to be pushing it to finish all of the work that I planned on them doing before Christmas so every little bit helps.  I might even have them do one tomorrow-I'm so sneaky like that!  Oh, they would rather do school than have me pick up the house again.  Really, there is no reason to straighten this place until the kids go to bed or really, maybe even until they go to college.  
  • The day just kind of flew by and I guess it does when you really don't do a whole lot.  Campbell and I did run to the library and to the grocery store (told you we would go today).  As we were driving home, we were right in front of a tornado siren at noon and since it is Wednesday that thing went off.  It was so loud that I jumped so I know that it really startled her too.  
  • Once at home, we cooked a quick lunch and soon Grannymom and Grandpa came over to pick up Anderson.  This was his night to spend the night and that boy was so excited-though he did ask me to pack his bag which everyone usually does love doing themselves.  No telling what all he did this afternoon and evening but I am sure that he had a good time.
  • This afternoon was spent working around the house and making a few goodies for tomorrow-all I have made is desert so I hope some other people are bringing some real food.  The afternoon flew by as well (maybe because I had myself a nap today) and then we ate supper. 
  • After supper, everyone had showers and baths.  Campbell and Keaton can play in the bath or shower (bath tonight) forever unless you get busy and then when I get busy they are immediately ready to get out.  That is how it was tonight so I made them stay longer than they would have liked while I finished sweeping.
  • During all of this time, Whitman was sitting not so contently in his highchair while Robby worked in the kitchen.  The girls were out of the bath and had been playing for a few minutes when we did let Whitman down and he immediately started getting into trouble.  So Robby asked Campbell and Keaton to go and take a shower with him.  Campbell wasn't too happy about the idea so I told her that just Keaton could take a shower with Whitman but she wouldn't have that.
  • So both girls showered again with Whitman and they played happily until Robby and I became busy working with adding another table to the kitchen.  That is when those girls started screaming to get out of the shower-somehow during this screaming, Whitman became upset and started crying himself.  So Whitman was the first one I pulled out and this caused Campbell to tell me over and over again "I have had enough wetness."  
  • Of course, one the girls were out and re-pajamad Robby told Campbell that he didn't think her hair was properly washed and that she would need to get back in the bath to wash her hair.  He was only kidding but she didn't think this was nearly as funny as the rest of us did!
  • Soon it was time for bed after watching a Duck Dynasty-usually the kids watch Duck Dynasty in the car so I have never seen it, I have only heard them.  Really, I guess anyone can get a tv show these days!

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