November 3, 2014

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Sewing lessons!

  • I was the first one out of bed this morning and when I was finished with my walk/run Robby even had time for a bit of his treadmill time during the day.  And then the kids slowly started stirring.  When they figured out that Robby was upstairs watching the news then they all migrated up there.  I don't think that it was the news that drew them in but just being able to watch tv in the morning that was so appealing.  
  • Later in the morning, Graham told me all about one story that they watched: A man walked across a tightrope in San Francisco (really Chicago).  He was on the tightrope for 2 miles (really just across the Chicago river and back).  That is why you should not get all of your information from a 6 year old.
  • As soon as Campbell left, I then realized how eerily quiet the house was with her gone as well as Whitman and Keaton who had spent the night at Grannymom's house. I still had to stay on top of my others for them to do their work but I was able to run around the house and get things accomplished myself while helping the others.  
  • We finished another read aloud book today-seems like lately I have really enjoyed reading aloud to the kids.  Some times I don't but right now I do-maybe because they are all getting older and even Keaton can sit and listen to our chapter books.  We usually start reading all of our many books around 11 (this includes history and science and a ton of random other things) then I read during lunch.  So by 12:45, I am usually a bit hoarse.  
  • Anderson had a bit of reading to finish up while Reagan and Graham helped me vacuum, straighten to the toy room and do some laundry.  Then it was time for our first ever sewing lesson.  I had planned on just giving Reagan a sewing lesson but the boys wanted to sew too so the more the merrier.  I guess I should have planned on letting them make something but they just sewed lines and Reagan did sew a little pocket.  She was the most interested in it and kept wanting to do more even after the boys had migrated to their kindles.
  • There was a huge kindle draw today because I had given each of then a new game since they had gone up 10 points on their math.  Of course this wasn't as easy as I thought it would be-the boys games didn't work and Reagan's game wasn't good so I had to add games multiple times.  So next time they go up 10 points, then they earn a buck-I figure that will be so much easier!-not cheaper but easier.
  • We then played a game of chess-I have been reading a book trying to teach the kids as I read it to them.  Apparently they understand the game much better than I do and far surpass my understanding of the game.  I guess I am just a good teacher-ha!  I really don't know how they know so much-It must be true that you can really learn things easier when you are small.
  • The kids played and watched tv this afternoon while I worked as fast as I could.  I marked a lot off of my list but still worked fast because I didn't want to have a mess out working on it when Robby and the little people came in.  I had just finished something when they walked in the door and was able to help unload them and the groceries.  
  • Keaton was tired, tired tonight.  Just about every other word we said would cause her to cry!  It became pretty comical by the end of the evening.  And my Whitman when he ran in, he ran right to me and just smiled.  I think that he was really glad to be home-it really was quiet here without all of them.  And Campbell was just as tired as Keaton but she was able to hold herself better than her sister.  
  • We had hamburgers for supper and then cookies for dessert.  Campbell and Keaton had a bath upstairs while the boys took turns entertaining Whitman while he was in the shower.   Whitman loves the shower but only if someone is in there with him-he does not like to be in the shower all alone.  
  • When everyone was dry, Whitman soon found his way to bed and everyone else just vegged out in the living room.  The kids were calm-oddly calm.  I read to Campbell, the boys read to me-pretty perfect evening.  
  • Then it was time for Bible story time.  Some days Robby hangs the verses on the fridge and if they kids read it and answers questions then they can get a prize (not having to use soap on their hair, go to bed later, piece of candy, etc.).  Everyone but Campbell read the story-she did come over to me and sat down for me to read the story.  I started and read about 3 words when you said "maybe I don't want to listen."  When we went upstairs and Robby started asking questions she was shocked that she didn't know the answers.  She then started crying that it wasn't fair that she didn't get tonight's prize (skip a school box or 2 tiny boxes of nerds). The more she wailed, the more tickled I became-she is her Daddy's child!  (He disagrees with me!)  Then as Robby asked the final questions the others didn't know the answer.  He read the story and then told them the answer: Horeb.  That is when Campbell shouted out "I was going to say that."

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