November 28, 2014

"Sis, let me show you how it works!"
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  • It was a pretty restful morning around here-as in we didn't do anything at all.  I did do a few loads of laundry (halfway), emptied the dishwasher and baked a few pumpkins (to make pumpkin bread soon-tomorrow maybe)
  • The kids didn't do a whole lot either-lots of kindle playing, lots of running, lots of playing upstairs and lots of fun.  Oh, we even did a bit of school work too-all of that instead of Black Friday shopping.  I did do a bit of shopping last night on the internet before going to bed-I remember those days when Robby and I would wake up and go to just watch the crowds shove into Walmart.  Now most of our shopping is done right here sitting on our couch.  
  • At lunch time, Robby took Whitman, Keaton, Campbell and Reagan to pick up a Papa Murphy's pizza.  We had an old gift card that he wanted to go ahead and use so that was the outing today.
  • When they returned home we cooked those pizzas and did a little math lesson.  The talk turned to going to a razorback and football game.  Reagan used her multiplication skills to figure up how much tickets would cost for all of us.  After hearing this figure, Graham sweetly said "we will never get to go to a football game, will we?"  
  • After lunch, it was soon time to watch the Razorbacks.  The boys were pretty excited to watch the game some-they did take a few breaks to play outside, play on their kindles and watch a bit of a movie with Reagan.  That girl doesn't care a thing about the football game unlike her mother.  (Don't tell anyone but actually, I snoozed during some of the ballgame-I think that they did better while I was asleep so I probably should have went back to sleep)
  • Campbell didn't stick around for too much of the ballgame because Nonna and Pops came over to pick her up.  That girl was so excited to spend the night at their house-she started packing first thing this morning.  Keaton was her helper and a pretty dependable helper if you ask me.  When they came downstairs, I started asking if she remembered pajamas, socks, underwear, toothbrush and my Keaton was the one who told me exactly what was packed.  
  • At Nonna's house, Campbell helped put the ornaments on her tree and then they went to IHOP to eat.  Campbell pushed hard for supper at Larry's pizza but she told me that Pops wouldn't let her go there.  (He wanted to save it for her birthday party next week.)  She didn't care because she was so excited to spend the night away from here!
  • After the game, it was soon time for supper.  We worked on some of our leftovers and then the kids watched a Duck Dynasty or two while Keaton and Whitman had showers.  Robby had checked on them a few times and a bit later, we heard them but they sounded like they weren't in the shower any longer-and they weren't.  Keaton had helped Whitman get out of the shower, got herself a towel and was working on finding her underwear when I found them.  Whitman was running through the mudroom wet and naked though-I guess she was going to help dry him off when she had finished getting ready.  It is good to know that they are becoming self-sufficient.

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