November 20, 2014

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Cook something from a story day!
  • Such a busy day today-the first item on the list was getting the big van to start and Campbell off to school.  The van's battery charged all night long and started nicely this morning and Campbell was ready to head to school because today was the day of their Thanksgiving feast.  She brought the drink of the pilgrims-orange punch.  We did pick orange because it looked Thanksgiving-y.
  • Robby dropped her off and headed off to get a new battery-not an easy job for our big old van.  They just don't have those batteries in stock but he quickly got the job done (costing me the rest of my Christmas money) and then headed to pick up Campbell-it was early, but she was ready to get home because a party was happening at our house.
  • Meanwhile at home as soon as Robby and Campbell left, Nonna and Pops showed up to help make Anderson's mashed potatoes.  He was all about helping but as soon as Nonna and Pops left, he whispered to me that he wasn't thinking about those potatoes.  After playing 20 questions trying to figure out what potatoes he had mistakenly called mashed potatoes, I discovered that he was talking about au gratin potatoes.  He was still pleased with his potatoes but Robby did tell him tonight that we would make some of his au gratin potatoes possibly tomorrow.  I know how Nonna and Grannymom make their au gratin potatoes-I have that recipe (a box) and I plan on becoming his favorite cook tomorrow!  (Can you tell that I am not the least bit bitter about being called his 5th or 6th favorite cook?)
  • After they left, we scurried around cleaning the house and then had plenty of time to sit and read before our crew stated arriving.  Today was cook something from a story day and everyone had food.  It was lots of fun!  Reagan read a Nancy Clancy book where they ate pizza, so she made pizza. Anderson read One Potato, Two Potato and had his mashed potatoes (which he still liked).  Graham read a Nate the Great book about a Tardy Tortoise and made turtle candy.  Keaton and Campbell worked together and made vegetable soup after reading Stone Soup.  That was just our food.  But our friends brought dirt pudding, gingerbread cookies, chocolate pie, homemade bread, chocolate chip cookies, spaghetti and meatballs (enough to feed us all 4 meals) and cupcakes.  It was a Thanksgiving feast for sure.
  • The kids told about their food and then they dug in but before and after the kids played.  They were inside and they were outside but it was fine because the moms had plenty of time to talk-one of my favorite parts of homeschool day.  When all of our buddies left, we kicked things into high gear cleaning the house and showering the kids and then we were loaded up heading out of the house.
  • We met the Hawkins and delivered a box of food that Reagan's Sunday school class had donated to the Shack.  We weren't there very long but long enough to drop of the food and look around some.  My Whitman was so tired that he slept through the Shack visit.
  • But he did wake up when we stopped at the Mexican bakery down the street.  We had heard about it-heard they didn't speak much English, heard that you use a tray and fill it yourself with food and then everything is pretty cheap-all of those things were true.  Nada English, big pizza pan and tongs and about 7 bucks for 9 bakery items.  
  • After that, we had supper at Chick Fil A and then it was time to sample our bakery items.  The Hawkins boys and some of mine had the doughnuts which were really good but the best item was the cinnamon rolls.  Next time I am out that way, I am going to load up at the bakery again.  I told the kids that going there had been on my bucket list for a while (I might should set my bucket list sights a bit higher!)
  • When we made it home, it was pajama time and then a bit more straightening of the house before some down time for the kids....and us.

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