November 15, 2015

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Celebrating Kaleigh's Birthday!

  • After Robby and I stayed up until 2, we were not too ready to see gaggle of children running into our room at the crack of dawn (7:02).  What were we doing up until 2, you ask-absolutely nothing at all.  We watched some tv, read some magazines and talked about how we should be going to bed and not lollygagging around.  Anyway, the kids were loud and noisy-gracious me, I decided that we need to work on our being quiet skills.
  • And the kids continued to ask for food-like they were hungry.  Robby and I did have big plans of staying in bed until noon but we finally relented and got them some food. Before breakfast we had already decided that since the kids were awake and fed, we better take them out of the house.  
  • This was a big day for us-3 stops.  We started out at Savers to pick up some jeans for Campbell (get ready Grannymom they will soon be coming your way to hem).  We also found some shoes for the boys-well for Anderson since he will be the first to fit into that size.  Then we ran into Walmart to pick up some leggings for the girls and why did they not have any of the sizes that I needed?  I finally did just settle on the nearest sizes crossing my fingers that they will fit.  And Walmart is where we found shoes for Graham.  The poor child decided that his shoes that fit (they really did) didn't fit anymore so he took over Anderson's too big shoes that had a hole in the bottom.  So shoes for Graham were necessary today.  
  • The third and final stop was Sams and this stop caused Robby to decide that we need to finish our Christmas shopping sooner rather than later-there were zillions of people in Sams.  I had never seen anything like it.  We had to  fight to get a table to sit everyone down for lunch at. As we were waiting on lunch, Whitman almost fell asleep and if I would have waited a few minutes longer, I probably could have laid him down in the shopping cart for him to snooze. But I tried to do this too early and he woke up.  But that was fine because he needed to have a bit of pizza for lunch.
  • A bit later, Graham was trying to get into the shopping cart and instead of asking for help, he just climbed in and thankfully he fell IN the cart and not out.  He must have hurt himself pretty bad because he was very upset-but that sweet boy never made a noise as he cried.  We were not too worried about him being too hurt since our pediatrician was doing her shopping on a few aisles down.  We ordered Anderson's cupcakes but we didn't dare buy anything because of the crazy lines.  
  • Then we made it home and drew names for Christmas.  The kids all draw names for everyone so with a bit of rigging, it worked just the way I wanted it.  I knew who Whitman and Keaton needed to have and other than that it didn't matter.  Since we had our names drawn and since I had seen the crazy crowds, I loaded up Campbell and Reagan to do their shopping.
  • We went to Target and had about 15 minutes to find the perfect presents.  Reagan quickly picked out Keaton's present and then Reagan and I picked out Graham's present for Campbell to buy.  The rest of the time was spent trying to convince Campbell to buy the gift we had picked out.
  • Then we headed to party 1 in Benton to drop Reagan off.  It was Kaleigh's birthday and Reagan couldn't wait-mainly because she was able to take her camera.  On the way home, Reagan mentioned that one of her friends kept photobombing her pictures-I thought that was funny.  And when she was telling me about a skit they did, Reagan mentioned someone "coming out acting like they were from the 70s."  Then she added "they had a big cell phone that hangs on the wall."-think she means a land line.  
  • After dropping off Reagan, I left Benton and drove to WLR to take Campbell to Aiden's birthday party.  Campbell enjoyed playing on the tubes and I even had to climb up and rescue a kid that was at the party with his grandma.  After my climb, I should have gotten another piece of cake!
  • When her party was over, it was back to the casa for a few minutes.  Campbell had a shower, I had supper and then I loaded up Keaton and Whitman to go and pick up Reagan.  The boys were watching football and I knew better than to disturb them!  Once we had Reagan back home, then it was shower time for her and we watched a bit more of the ball game before putting the kids to bed.  It was another busy Saturday-maybe we can all get a nap tomorrow!

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