November 7, 2014

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Helicopter Pilot in training!

  • I guess I was pretty tired from the night before because even though I laid down when Whitman was fussing, I went right to sleep.  Robby said that after listening for a while to poor Whitman, he excused himself to the bonus room.  He said we talked about him going upstairs but I sure don't remember it.  Hope Whitman didn't scream all night long-wonder if that is why he is a bit hoarse today?
  • The kids were up and happily playing early this morning-I think the "happily playing" that I referred to involved Anderson pulling everyone else around in the kitchen on a blanket.  This made me get up and ready quickly because I know all too well "happily playing" doesn't last long at all.  Thankfully, I was able to start on breakfast before anyone was maimed or injured in their play.
  • We had school this morning and things went fairly well. Keaton, the current screamer, was pretty calm today. She stayed busy playing with Campbell so I am sure she was much happier today.  We finished school in time to have plenty of reading time (my favorite part of the day)
  • Then it was lunch time and time to quickly pick up the house.  The girls and I started a painting project after Reagan packed her stuff for Grannymom's house.  
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa along with Cash came over to pick Reagan up for her night at their house.  Then Keaton and Whitman had a nap and the others watched a movie or two. Eventually, my folks lost interest in their movie and at one time this afternoon I had 4 kids following me around the house.  I felt a little bit like the Pied Piper-didn't have people following him around?
  • Robby came home and I helped him unload bag after bag of groceries. Then it was time for supper for everyone followed by Robby leaving to go and do a focus group.  I let everyone play for a while and then we settled down to watch a movie.
  • We had to draw between 3 choices I had picked-the winner was Beethoven.  Whitman sat spell bound for along 30 minutes watching the movie.  I think that he was interested in the dog-or maybe he was scared.  Hope that wasn't it since I need him to sleep well and not be frightened. 
  • After our movie the kids convinced me to let them watch one more quick show.  And then we did what all country kids do before bedtime-shoot at a possum.  Campbell said she was never going to shoot at something that could hurt.  Guess she won't be going to the deer stand this weekend (we won't either!)  But who knew that possums could climb trees-I won't be walking in the woods anytime soon!

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