November 8, 2014

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Guess who holding Dad's bowling ball?

  • Oh, those children were up so early this morning-not just up early, but up early and flying a helicopter.  When I figured out they were playing with Anderson's remote control helicopter, I did hurry and wake Whitman up so he could watch the action.  He loved watching the drone at their last football game so I knew he would like watching a helicopter buzz around the living room as we sat on the couch-and I was right.  It is pretty amazing.
  • Robby went upstairs to run while the rest of us enjoyed some cinnamon rolls.  My kids love them some cinnamon rolls-I think my boys could eat a can apiece if I would let them.  Keaton usually wants to save some for Daddy so I had to hide them from the boys before we started eating.
  • For people who didn't have any real plans for the day, we were certainly able to fill up the day. Our first order of business was Robby and I cleaning the kitchen (cabinets and floor) while the others played outside.  Whitman did come in with all of his caretakers-he had fallen.  The poor baby was completely hoarse this morning-when he was screaming from his fall it was just a whisper.  I calmed him down and quickly put him to bed since it was nap time-imagine my shock, when I got him up after nap and he had a huge knot on his head.  I guess when he fell outside he had fallen on his noggin.  That was a great parental move-putting your baby right to bed after a head injury.  Glad it wasn't a concussion!
  • When Whitman did go to sleep, Robby and I joined the kids outside and we started working on a water propelled car.  We got it last Christmas and since is now almost Christmas again, we thought we better open that thing up.  We had to assemble the car and then use the air compressor to pump air into the bottle.  The car was supposed to travel 30 meters but we could only get it to go about 10 feet at first.
  • That was impressive but a bit of a let down.  So I did what we should have done the very first thing-pulled out the instructions.  We made one tiny readjustment and then bam, that car shot across the driveway and could have gone at least 30 meters if we would have had enough flat concrete for it to travel on.  Robby tried it with a hand pump and when he did this, the car exploded off with the water bursting out of the back of the car on him.  The kids could have played with that car for the rest of the day.
  • Anderson pulled out his remote control helicopter for a bit more play.  It was pretty hard to control outside with the wind but everyone had a few turns before the battery ran down.  Then the boys pulled out the football-all they can think about when they are outside right now is playing catch with dad.  Then we all went to the tree house and hung out there for a bit before coming inside. 
  • Once inside, we watched a scientist from the Museum of Discovery on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.  It was pretty awesome so we watched it again and again.  (Click here to watch that segment)  Then it was time to scurry around to leave the house for the afternoon.  Our first stop was to pick up lunch for the kids and then to a drive thru for a mystery shop.  (Nope the kids are used to it now and never ask why we just went to 2 places to buy lunch-they know their parents are crazy.)
  • Then it was to Grannymom's house to pick up Reagan.  She had stayed busy making a Christmas cards, watching a movie and then making cookies early this morning.  She had a big time and told us all about it when we got into the car.  There wasn't much time to talk since we were only going to Sams.  We needed one thing but left with a cart full (not really-just 4 things) and we also left with tummys full of samples.
  • Graham had said that he wanted to go bowling for his birthday so just 4 months later, we finally made it.  The poor birthday boy had the lowest score though he really just had some unlucky rolls.   Even Campbell and Keaton smoked him but in his defense they both used the ball roller thingy most of the time.  Robby came in first place but Anderson was not too far behind him. Whitman sat in his stroller the entire time watching the activity-he would clap, wave his arms like the rest of us trying to make the bowl move from right to left and then he worked on trying to get his shirt off. 
  • After our game, we picked up the kids supper (listen, don't judge me-who wants to eat sandwiches on a Saturday night for supper!)  Then we went and did another mystery shop and finally headed home to eat.  After everyone ate, it was time for showers and then we watched  a Shark Tank before bedtime.  

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