February 1, 2017

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  • Bible study morning and we were again up a bit before we usually are. I jumped in the shower and Robby started urging people to get dressed. Soon trash cans were being emptied, laundry was being folded and the dishwasher being emptied. 
  • Most everyone had muffins for breakfast and then it was time to load up and head to Bible study. Whitman ran into his class today and when I walked back by his teacher and he were working on writing his name. Campbell was thrilled to get to her class because it was one of her friend's birthdays today and she had made her a card. Keaton was just as excited to be the first one in her class. Graham is always in a hurry to be the first one. And well, Anderson and Reagan had snack and were tickled with that. 
  • After Bible study, we all headed to Candice's backyard to eat our lunch and play for a bit. Then Sara offered to take my big boys home so I obliged. Then I brought her girls home along with the Heltz girls and Kennedy.  So that made my Reagan, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman, along with Eden, Liliy, Alyssa Kate, Caroline, Charlotte and Kennedy-yep, 10 kiddos. 
  • I stayed at Candice's house as long as we could and then I drove home as slow as I could. I couldn't think of anywhere to stop or anything to do. Once at home, the girls played outside for about 10 minutes and then migrated inside. 
  • They all played for a good while and then the big girls started a movie so soon the other girls did too. Whitman hung out with the little girls and seemed to enjoy himself. During the movies, I passed out popcorn, cereal, milk, nuts and water. 
  • The movie lasted until almost time to go. They did have some time to play ipads for a bit and do some artwork. Then we loaded up and headed to church. I offered for the kids to play on the playground a bit before supper and they did but soon decided that were cold and wanted to eat. 
  • We all ate at church and did indeed meet the family max. Though Robby tried to tell me that all of those people were not my family, I think I disagree. I think that anytime you feel comfortable enough to use a child's middle name then they are indeed family. 
  • After we ate, everyone headed off to their classes. While I was upstairs picking up Campbell from her class, downstairs they were passing out leftover pizza. My sweet big 3 all grabbed an extra piece of pizza for their brother and sisters. Sweetest things ever. 
  • We then drove home, for quick showers and then a tiny, tiny bit of Reagan's leftover blondies before climbing into bed tonight.

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