February 7, 2017

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  • Tuesday morning and we were all stirring at a decent time -- it was after 7:00 but earlier than normal. Whitman and Keaton dressed, picked out their breakfast and off to school they went with Robby.
  • Everyone else soon picked out their breakfast and soon were started on their school work as well - well, Reagan had started at 7:00 so she was glad to report that she was done by 8:45. She still had to work on her oral report for Thursday but still done with her other work.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa picked up Whitman and Keaton from school. Back here, other finished their work and we worked on cleaning out the fridge so leftovers was the lunch menu.  Everyone finished their work earlier enough for us to head out for an afternoon of roller skating. We did pickup Keaton on the way while Whitman stayed back with Grannymom & Grandpa.
  • It's fun to watch the kids skate and see how much they've improved.  In the early days, I have to admit I did wonder if they would ever get it.  There was lots of falling and we relied on the skate aid quite a bit.  But today they were all did really well.  Graham might have been close to winning a race but got knocked down mid-way (by accident) but jumped back up.
  • Soon it was time to pick up Whitman and head home. Robby was home when we got home and had supper in the oven. (I was heading out for a night out with the Bible study ladies).  Showers for all and then they had lasagna and edamame.
  • They settled in for a movie (Paper Planes) and some popcorn and will soon be brushing teeth and heading to bed.

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